We are thrilled to see so much curiosity around our products. Many of our customers send us queries on our social media handles. The most common question we receive is ‘why can’t we buy Goodness pet food from local pet shops?’ Our answer has always been the same to all our customers.

Lack of Nutritional Advice in Pet Shops

Goodness is perhaps the only grain free dog food made from Freshtrusion technology, available in India. We have taken time to research and develop formulas that are most beneficial to your pet. We are always happy to provide you with more buying alternatives but, from our past experiences, we noticed that the nutritional value of Goodness is often lost in conversations that revolve around pet shops. Most pet shop owners do not take time to guide you on the food that will benefit your pet the most.
Why We Don't Sell In Shops 1
Why We Don't Sell In Shops 2

Chances of Mishandling

When products are sent to pet shops, we are not in-charge of its storage and shelfing. The poor management system from the vendor’s side may cause the pellets to break and packages to tear. This again leads to unfavourable experiences from the customer who purchases Goodness Dog food at MRP from local pet shops.

Maintaining Authenticity

Goodness cares about your pet’s well being and we do not want our products to be sold in places that often provide unhealthy pet meals. Our products are natural, grain free and healthy for your pets. Hence, we have established a unique identity on our website where we sell a variety of premium pet foods, multiple flavours at competitive prices.
Why We Don't Sell In Shops 3

The best thing about ordering Goodness pet food from our website is

  • We do not sell our products at MRP
  • We provide discounts on all our products
  • We handle shipping and packaging at free of cost
  • You receive a pack of Goodness just by the click of a button



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