Why Are Dogs So Loyal To Us?

why are dogs so loyal

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We love them a lot, call them man’s best friend and there are endless stories that prove how loyal they are. They just make our lives better. But why are dogs so loyal to us? What makes them choose us? Let’s find out.

Why Are Dogs So Loyal?

Many believe that dogs are loyal to us because we feed them and take care of them. So, they feel inclined to return the favour by having our backs.

While there is some truth to that, it is not the only reason why dogs are so loyal to us. We feed and take care of Guinea Pigs as well, but they are never ‘loyal’ to us. In fact, many Guinea Pig owners say that it takes a lifetime to earn their piggy’s trust.

Dogs thrive when they are with us. Yes, some dogs go through a difficult life, but with the right kind of care, we can gain their trust and soon enough they will start to be loyal to us.

Dogs see us as more than just a food source. They light up when we are around and are sad when we leave.

In fact, even street dogs can form close bonds than most other pets! If you feed a street dog for a few days, they will wait for you to come and wag their tail every time you are around. It’s more than just the food, they will give you affection too.

Here are some more reasons why dogs are so loyal to us:

Dogs And Humans Evolved Together

While it’s true that the modern dog is created by humans, their ancestors – the Canis Lupus Familiaris evolved to dogs alongside human civilization.

why are dogs so loyal to us
Have a look at this beautiful collection of the Canis Lupus Familiaris found in 1876; Source: Museum of New Zealand Online

Humans did not actively partake in the evolution process, but, by living close to human civilisation, it may have made the evolution simpler.

Our relationship with dogs began around 15,000 years ago when dogs provided us with the security and agility to help us hunt and humans provided food and shelter. This relationship has since evolved.

Pack Behaviour

Dogs are social animals. They exhibit pack behaviour and they see us as a member of the pack. Of course, the dynamics for a modern pet dog is more different, but many of their tendencies remain the same.

Different people assume different roles in the pack. You may be the provider and your children may be the ‘playmates’ of the pack but everyone looks out for each other. 

It’s what we do for each other in a pack, right? We have each other’s back.

Years And Years Of Breeding

As the years went by, humans started handpicking the most loyal dogs and breeding them to create more loyal puppies. So, in a way, the modern-day dog may have it inbred in them.

On the other hand, while some breeds are known to be loyal, adopted dogs can also show loyalty towards their family.

They Care

Studies show that dogs do release the oxytocin hormone or the ‘love hormone’ whenever they are with their people. In another study, scientists used functional magnetic resonance imaging testing to check which part of the brain lights up when dogs receive scents of familiar and unfamiliar people and dogs.

Results show that the pleasure censors in their brain got the most activated when they got a sniff of their most favourite pet parent. It got even more activated than when they saw their canine buddy.

Because We Talk To Them

Do you change your tone when you talk to your dog? Many of us talk in a higher-pitched tone when we talk to our dogs. This is called dog-directed speech. Studies show that dog-directed speech, or DDS, improves their attention spans and strengthens the bond we have with them.

By talking to your dog and giving them positive experiences, we start the relationship on a positive note. This helps us build a strong bond with each other and while we welcome them with our open hands, they welcome us with their wagging tails.

They Aren’t Doing It Consciously

Lastly, the beauty of it all is that they aren’t doing it to prove a point or to show us something. They aren’t trying to be loyal; they are simply doing it because it’s in their instinct. It’s the only way how they know they can show their affection towards us and the way they function in a family.

We call it loyalty but for them, it’s just a part of their life. 

Life is beautiful when you have a dog with you. We can’t agree more! Is your dog loyal to you? Tell us all about your bond with your dog in the comment section below.

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