6 Ways To Say ‘I Love You’ To Dogs In Their Language

ways to say 'i love you' to dogs

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We are sure you have planned something special for your spouses and significant others for this Valentines Day, but how do you communicate those three special words to the one who loves you the most? How can you say ‘I love you’ to dogs in their language?

6 Ways To Say ‘I Love You’ To Dogs in Their Language

Let’s get started!

1. Look Them In The Eye

Now, remember, for a scared dog, or a guarding dog, direct eye contact can be perceived as a threat. However, if your dog lovingly looks at you, you can return the favour and look right back. Remember to relax your facial muscles when you do look at them. 

By making momentary eye contact with your pooch you send them the signal loud and clear and you both have a gush of oxytocin in your system.

2. Raise your brows

Research shows that dogs tend to raise their left brow when they are with the person they love. This is probably because the left side of the face is controlled by the right side of the brain and the right side of the brain controls emotions. Hence when your dog is around you, they feel relaxed and the facial muscles on their left start to relax as well.

You can show them you’re relaxed by raising your left brow as well but if you can’t raise one brow, you can just raise both. They’ll understand!

3. Cuddle Up

Dogs can only relax with those they love and trust. For them, love and trust go hand in hand. When they sit next to you, they tend to put some weight on your body to show they love you. So, if your dog comes and cuddles up to you, it probably means they are saying they love you. 

You can show them you love them too by leaning in on them too.

4. Walkies and Talkies!

Who doesn’t love walkies? Every dog comes up and starts to run in circles when it’s time for them to go for a walk. So put on their leash and take them out.

dog walks

Research shows that talking to them while you’re on a walk relaxes them and makes them feel loved. So don’t worry about the stares and unleash that baby voice. Afterall the only being who matters on those walks is your pupper. Why not have a conversation with them?

5. Ear Scratches

Our dogs have many nerve endings on the tips and base of their ears and scratching them on the right spot will make them feel loved and cared for. 

If you scratch their ears and they start rubbing their head in your palm. It means the message is well received and you shouldn’t stop scratching!

6. Training

You can train dogs in all walks of life and you don’t have to train them anything rigorous. A simple sit, stay, turn around, works great too! Training increases your bond with your dog. It teaches you how to listen to their body and it also helps them learn what you want.

More importantly, training would allow both of you to spend time together, and we always look forward to spending time with the people we love.

What Should You Not Do

While we are on the subject, it is very important to discuss all the things you should not do. Some love signs for us are not the same for them; like:

1. Hugging

Some dogs are completely okay with it but most dogs don’t like hugs. Dogs feel like they are being trapped when you hug them and they usually communicate discomfort by yawning or licking their lips. In most cases, dogs learn how to tolerate it but they don’t necessarily like it.

2. Kissing

Believe it or not but most dogs don’t like kissing. When you kiss a very timid or reactive dog on the forehead, they may misinterpret it as dominance. 

3. Treat Them Like Babies

Dogs are dogs and they should be treated as such. There are some things dogs will do because it’s in their instincts like licking their paws or sniffing urine and poop. We should not reprimand them for something that is a part of their nature.

It’s okay to keep an eye on them for OCD traits but reprimanding them for licking their paws even a bit can make them very restless and they may start to act out aggressively.

4. Overprotecting Dogs

There’s a difference between bowing down to all their demands and trusting their instincts. We shouldn’t always give them what they want but we should trust their instincts. We should understand that they can handle their instincts better than we can.

Let your dog play with other dogs from a young age. Let them communicate with other dogs in their own language. As we said earlier, love and trust work hand in hand with dogs. If we show how much we trust them, they tend to trust us back. With trust comes love and that is how we can both love each other.

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