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uti in dogs

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Many dogs suffer from UTI quite often. If they get it too many times, the medicine stops working because the bacteria become resilient to the treatment. There are many natural remedies for UTI in dogs. But before we look into the remedies let us look at a few UTI symptoms in your dog.

UTI Symptoms Include:

  • Frequent urination – dogs may suddenly start to pee on the doormat, or anywhere inside the house etc. House-trained dogs may get back to their puppy habits.
  • Lower abdomen pain – dogs don’t like to show they are in pain. If the have lower abdomen pain, they may stay away from you or get agitated if you try to touch them. Other dogs may act out by refusing to play, whimper, refuse to eat etc.
  • Frequent licking – UTI makes them burn around their genitals so they may lick themselves a bit more than usual. They may also lick themselves before or after urination.
  • Unable to pee – A dog with UTI has the urge but is unable to pee. You may see female dogs squatting but can only produce a few drops of pee. While in the case of other dogs, they may be leaking urine even in their sleep.
  • Blood – Blood in the urine is quite common during UTI

How Can I Be Sure That My Dog Has UTI?

For them to get the right treatment, you must make sure they have UTI. Doctors advise taking a sample of their first urine in the morning. You can either collect it at home or ask your doctor to take a sample. Within a few hours, you’ll know if your dog has UTI.

It’s safer to get a confirmation from the doctor rather than guessing it ourself. Misdiagnosing pains and burns as UTI can prolong proper and crucial treatment for your dog.

Natural Remedies For UTI In Dogs

So, now that you have confirmed they have UTI here are some natural remedies that will help in the process of getting rid of those bacterias.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar works well for so many canine issues like fleas and ticks and it is particularly effective with UTI. Research shows that apple cider vinegar creates a very unpleasant environment for bacteria hence they slowly reduce in numbers,

We would suggest taking caution when it comes to feeding them ACV because it does not suit all dogs. Dogs with pancreatitis and leaky gut syndrome may already have acidic urine and they don’t require more acid in their system.

But most other dogs benefit from ACV. You can add a small amount in their water bowl. Start with half a teaspoon in a bowl full of water and see if they drink it. Never exceed more than 1 teaspoon for a small dog, 1 tablespoon for large dogs and 2 tablespoons for giant dogs.

Never give it to them directly, always dilute it with a bowl full of water and keep plain water right next to it because some dogs don’t like the taste of the ACV.

2. Hydration

Encourage your dog to drink more water. The more they drink water the easier it will be to flush out the bacteria. Some dogs don’t like to drink water and hence you will have to make the water a little more interesting for them.

Here are some ways to make the water a little more interesting:

  • Add chicken broth (or any other meat broth) to the water
  • Add water to their dog food. Let it soak for sometime before giving it to them. 
  • Make chicken broth popsicles for them during the summers – most dogs love it!

These simple tips above can make the water a little more interesting for them. Some dogs like the taste of ACV so for them, ACV will encourage them to drink water and their body will be better equipped to fight the bacteria.

3. Cranberries

Cranberries are excellent for treating UTI in dogs and humans. They can have both fresh and dry cranberries. If you plan to give them dry cranberries make sure to give them an unsweetened version, free from chemicals and preservatives. Dogs aren’t supposed to have sweets and the artificial sweetness can make the UTI worse.

The amount of cranberry greatly depends on your dog’s size. As an estimate, you can give about 100mg cranberries, twice a day to small to medium-sized dogs and 200mg to large to giant dogs. Also, dogs don’t really like the tartness in cranberries so they might need a bit of coaxing to eat it.

We suggest adding very little to their main meal. The strong scent of the meat should conceal the tartness of the cranberries.

4. Juniper Berries

Juniper berries are also an excellent treatment for UTI. It’s hard to find fresh juniper berries so you can use an organic juniper berry extract. In most cases, you can give your dog the same extract made for humans as long as it is unflavoured.

However, when it comes to extracts, we strongly advise you to have a word with your vet. All dogs are different and some human brands aren’t suitable for dogs. Knowing the exact dosage is important.

5. Vitamin C

Vitamin C tablets also create an unpleasant environment for contamination, causing the bacteria to dissipate. You can crush 250mg vitamin C tablet for small breeds and 500mg for medium to large breeds. Sprinkle it on their meal once a day.

Lastly, though your dog will clean themselves more if they have UTI, it is important to help them out when they are sick. You can give them a warm water bath (not to be confused with a hot water bath). Warm water relaxes their muscles and it will reduce the pain.

You should also clean their genital area with plain water after walks. This will keep them clean and prevent the infection from spreading.

We hope these tips were helpful. How do you help your dog when they have UTI?

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