Trigger is our handsome Indian Spitz. He is 7 years old and the star of our house. He loves our kids and all the kids in my locality are so happy when I bring Trigger down. They all want to play with him and they bring him water when he is thirsty.

He brings all of us so much joy and we’re all so lucky to have Trigger in our family.

The thing with Trigger is that he surprises us every time. He is such a little dog and we never expected him to understand so much but he does. 

He is so attached to me and every time I change my clothes, he gets sad because he knows that I am going outside. He sits in a corner sadly waiting for me. My sister says that he doesn’t like to play with anyone and just sits quietly when I am not there.

Then when I come home he is so happy that he starts running around in the house. It takes him a while to settle down.

Trigger’s favourite game is fetch. We have a soft disc toy for him and he loves to fetch that toy. When we bring the toy out he goes crazy. He jumps up and down until we throw the disc toy. Then he brings it back and lets it go so that we can throw it again.

Now, because of the monsoons and the coronavirus lockdown, I can’t take him out that much. But he is happy because I am working from home and I get to spend a lot of time with him.

Trigger loves food too and I try to keep him on his feet with good food because ultimately that’s going to keep him healthy and happy. So, I recently tried Goodness Pet Food trial packs and his favourite recipe was the Turkey recipe.

He liked it so much that I brought the bigger bag and he is always looking forward to his meal times. He jumps like a little puppy when I take out the bag.

I know the lockdown isn’t the best time but I think Trigger is living his dream life. His favourite people are at home around the clock. He plays indoor fetch with his favourite toy and he gets the best food.

Once the lockdown is over, I think I will continue to find ways to spend more time with Trigger. He is our little gem and he deserves the best.  

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