10 Things You Learn From Dogs

things we learn from dogs

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Here at Goodness, we take our dogs very seriously. We have dedicated our life to giving them the best nutrition. Over the decades of raising and losing our beloved puppies, we have learned a lot from them. This is why we wanted to make a fun compilation of 10 things you learn from dogs. 

10 Things You Learn From Dogs

In this article, we want to share some things we learned for our dogs and how they made our life special. Here are 10 things you learn from dogs.

1. Live In The Moment

Dogs don’t live in the past, they aren’t bothered about the future, they live in the moment. When you aren’t home for too long, they are sad and worried and the moment you come back, they forget all about it and start rejoicing your return.

So many of our problems will stop bothering us if we start to live in the moment.

2. Forgive; It’s The Healthier Alternative

So many dogs come from tortured traumatic backgrounds but after a few weeks of love and compassion, they forgive humans and let go. They start loving their new family and their new home like they were never hurt in the past.

Which brings us to the next point:

3. Love Unconditionally

Your pups don’t care if you are fair or not, tall or short, skinny or overweight, they just love you, for you! You may have a few flaws but they don’t care. Rather they love you for the good-natured person that you are.

We add so many conditions to our love, if we could just love unconditionally, the world will be so much simpler.

4. Go For Walkies Every Day

Studies show that those who have dogs live longer on average and have better heart health. This is because we go on walks at least twice a day when we have our dogs with us.

Dogs enjoy walks and going out, exploring, staying fit. It’s on their top agenda. If we all just set aside time to actually enjoy our walks, we would be healthier and happier.

5. Go Crazy For The Simple Things

Your dogs go crazy for walkies, toys, car rides, bananas you name it! There is no ‘more happy’ ‘less happy’ for them. Everything is worth being ecstatic for!

6. Don’t Hold Grudges

You get angry at them and they hunch up to the corner. But as soon as you let go, they let go too. They don’t hold grudges for the bad things you did.

Dogs don’t hold grudges on people in general. Even the ones who had a terrible fate at the hands of mankind, bounce right back and love us.

7. You’re Never Too Old To Play

Bring home a new toy and your dog will always be eager to play. It doesn’t matter if they are 1 year old or 10 years old, playing is fun and you should play a game of fetch or tug off war as often as you can!

Having a dog inside the house unleashes the inner child in you.

8. You Need Your Beauty Sleep

Yes, when we have crazy deadlines we may compromise on our sleep but less sleep makes us less productive.

They always remember to take a break and nap at small intervals throughout the day. While we don’t have that kind of luxury, it is important to remember that you need your rest if you want to work well the next day.

9. Be There For Your People

Dogs don’t care if you live in a mansion or in a studio apartment. They love to be wherever you are. Most dogs don’t even stay in a room on their own if they know you are in the other room.

They hang out with the people they love every chance they get.

If you’re sad, their paw in on your knee. Some even lick you or give you their rare canine hug.

10. Life Is All About The Journey

As they grow older, they may not be able to walk as much as they used to or play as long as they want to, but that’s okay as long as they are in this journey with you.

Life isn’t weighed by all the medals you got, the awards you won or the number of promotions that came your way, it’s about the journey. So sit back, relax and enjoy from time to time.

Yeah, life gets difficult but our canines remind us that we can handle anything with the right attitude. They make our lives richer in ways that are hard to imagine.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Do you agree with our list? And what is the one thing that you learned from your dog? Let us know in the comments section below!

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About Dheepakh

Dheepakh is a dedicated pet parent. His love for his dogs turned him into a pet food enthusiast. He has dedicated all his life to understand pet food nutrition and is eager to learn everyday.

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