8 Things That Shorten Your Dog’s Lifespan

8 Things That Shorten Your Dog’s Lifespan

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We all love our dogs so much. But after living with them for years, we may start to overlook some things as time goes by. Some of these things may be lowering their lifespan, and we know that is the last thing you want to do. So, here are some things that shorten your dog’s lifespan.

8 Things That Shorten Your Dog’s Lifespan

When you have a long stable relationship with your dog, you fall into a routine. We are sure you are giving them the best possible life. But in your busy schedule, you may forget some important things that are shortening their lifespan.

Here they are:

1. Not Giving Them The Right Food

There are so many dog food companies out there that provide formulas that are not even up to the Indian Food Safety and Security regulations. However, they are still sold in India because there aren’t any rules that regulate dog food in India.

If you aren’t sure about the dog food you feed your dogs, just read the ingredients list. One read through may be enough to determine if the formula is right for your dog.

A good dog food formula should label the meat (named meat) as the first ingredient, and it should be 50% or more of the entire formula. A good dog food formula should not have any grains.

Good companies do not add artificial colours, flavours and preservatives because their product speaks for itself.

Giving them the wrong food can shorten their lifespan, so make sure you do your research and provide them with the best food that you can afford.

Food that contains a lot of starch can make them obese and lower their immunity. This will affect their quality of life and can shorten their lifespan.

2. Not Maintaining Dental Hygiene

The teeth are a reflection of your dog’s health. If you want them to stay healthy, you need to make sure that they pearly whites are well, pearly, and white. Tooth decay can be terrible for their overall health.

Sometimes bacteria in the teeth can travel to their heart and cause severe infections in the heart and can shorten their lifespan. So if you want to make sure they live long and prosper, you need to maintain their oral hygiene.

Brush their teeth with a natural dog toothpaste at least 3-4 times a week.

3. Using Harsh Shampoos

Only recently, dog parents have realised that you shouldn’t bathe your dogs often. Bathing your dogs too often will strip their skin of natural oils and make it susceptible to dryness and even issues like rashes, itches, and so on.

But, apart from knowing how often you should bathe your dog, you must also know what kind of shampoo to use. The best type of shampoo for your dog is a mild variety that does not contain a lot of chemicals.

Anti-flea and tick shampoos usually contain a lot of chemicals that they can inhale and even ingest if it’s not washed correctly.

Also, avoid using artificial doggy scents because these too have a lot of chemicals and irritate their sensitive noses.

4. Not Deworming Them On Time

Some terrifying parasites can attack their gut and compromise their immunity. A simple way to keep all those parasites away is by deworming your dog on time. An adult dog needs to be dewormed once every 3 months, and it will keep them safe from most intestinal parasites.

So make sure you deworm them on time. Set a reminder if you have to but don’t miss it.

5. Leaving Them Alone For Too Long

Yes, we understand. Sometimes, you can’t help it. You have long hours at work or have to stay away from the house for some unforeseen reason. But if that unforeseen reason comes every day, it’s a problem.

Dogs spend their entire day waiting for us to get back home and spend time with them, and sometimes we are too tired to give them any attention. 

Some dogs are better at being alone than others, but, they are social beings, and if they don’t get the desired social interaction, it can make them sad or depressed.

Depression can shorten their lifespan too. Remember that having a furry friend in the house is rewarding for the most part, but you do have to make sacrifices. Sometimes, sacrifices mean, canceling plans with friends so that you can hang out with your doggo.

6. Giving Them Table Scraps

While some human food is excellent for them, most cooked meals and table scraps are terrible for their health.

Eating all that salt, sugar, oils is terrible for their heart, and it can lead to obesity, both of which can shorten their lifespan.

7. Turning Them Into A Couch Potato

Dogs need exercise, and while it’s true that some need more training than others, ‘no exercise’ isn’t acceptable.

If you don’t give your dog enough energy outlets, they will let their energy out by doing unfavourable things. Some may not listen to you, and others may develop pica (which is also life-threatening for dogs) and other unhealthy habits.

Not working them out enough will most likely make them obese and lazy, which will shorten their lifespan over the years.

8. Not Vaccinating Them On Time

Dogs need their yearly boosters. By not vaccinating them on time, you reduce the effectivity of their current vaccinations and make them susceptible to various illnesses.

Different vaccinations require boosters at various intervals, but you should take them to the vet whenever they call you for the vaccinations. That way, you will make sure that your dog is safe from other illnesses.

Speaking as someone who has lost a dog, we know what it’s like to love them so much and not to have them around anymore. You still have the chance, and if you are doing any of the things mentioned above, it’s time to change. 

After all, the clock is ticking, and you can’t get back what you lose.

What do you do to keep your dog healthy and active? Let us know in the comment section below.

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About Dheepakh

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