7 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate

7 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate

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We love our dogs and we’re sure they love you too. But there are some things that you do that they wish you didn’t do. In this article, we will list 7 things humans do that dogs hate.

We hope this article helps you establish a stronger bond with your dog.

7 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate

So, let’s find out which things you need to stop doing.

1. Hugging And Kissing Them

Very few dogs appreciate hugging and kissing. Dogs are different from humans. And while we show our affection by hugging and kissing, they have other ways.

Hugging makes them feel anxious and suffocated. It may even be harmful to anxious dogs.

Most dogs, with time, learn that it’s your way of showing affection and they grow to tolerate it. But if you look closely, they will visibly show signs of distress. Yawning, looking away, licking lips is their way of showing that they are uncomfortable and that they should stop.

If you hug or kiss your dog too much, you should tone it done a little. Rather show them affection by staying in the same room as them. Watch a movie or read a book while they snuggle up next to you. We’re sure they will love that.

2. Rushing Them In Walks

Dogs like to take their time to sniff things and explore and find the perfect place to poop. But they can’t do any of that if we are constantly trying to rush them in the walk or keeping them on a tight leash.

Take out some extra time in the day and let them explore and find their perfect poop spot. We’re sure they will love that!

3. Scolding Them

Yes, sometimes your dog is a bad dog. But scolding helps no one and it certainly doesn’t make your dog realise what they did wrong.

You may think that your dog has that guilty face because they are, well, guilty, but research states otherwise. Dogs take a submissive stance to protect themselves from harsh punishments, they aren’t doing it because they are guilty.

In fact, we’re sure that your dog will do it again even after getting a scolding. This shows that scolding just causes fear and anxiety in them and it doesn’t teach them anything.

If you really want to teach them not to do something, you need to start training them. This will not only strengthen your bond but give them clear signals on what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.

4. Not Spending Time With Them

Some dogs are more independent than others but they all need some affection. If you are too busy for your dog, it is going to make them sad and maybe even reckless.

This is why, before getting your dog, you need to know if you can give them the time they deserve. How much time are you able to take off your schedule and what kind of compromises are you willing to make in the long run? 

If you see reckless behaviour in dogs, it is a good sign that you aren’t spending enough time with them or that they still have a lot of energy left in their system. Have a close look at your routine and find out ways to take out more time for them. It will make them very happy.

5. Forcing Your Dog To Socialise

Socialising is important. But, when you are with a scared or timid dog, forcing them to socialise when they are very scared may make the situation worse.

With too many dogs or humans coming up to them, they can get overwhelmed and when we force them to socialise we make them understand that they can depend on us when things get scary.

This can cause a strain in your relationship with your dog.

If you have an anxious or aggressive dog, it is very important to work with them at their pace. Pay close attention to their body language and respect them if they feel too scared. If people come to pet your dog, they won’t mind if you tell them that your dog is a little scared.

When you start working with your dog at their pace, your bond will strengthen almost every day.

6. Dressing Them Up

Now we understand that in some situations, clothing is necessary. If it’s too cold or rainy outside, if you have a hairless or a short-haired breed, your dog had surgery etc you can dress them in comfortable, breathable clothes.

Veterinarians sometimes suggest putting a t-shirt on them are it is not as unpleasant as putting on a cone.

However, this being said, many people put on clothes on their dogs just to make them look cute or to take photos for their social media. Most of the times, these clothes are made of uncomfortable fabric that causes rashes but mostly just makes them uncomfortable.

7. Petting A Dog On The Head

Many may not know this but dogs don’t like being petted on the head. Many tolerate it because they love you but they don’t like any of that head tapping and they will never like it either.

If you want to pet them, you can scratch them under the skin and stroke them on the shoulders and their sides. We’re sure they will appreciate it a lot more.

So here is a list of 7 things humans do that dogs hate. Do you do any of these things? Let us know in the comment section below.

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