8 Best Small Dog Breeds In India

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Bringing home a puppy is an exciting new venture. We all want the smallest, the cutest puppy around the block. But, there is more to a puppy than just their cute looks. You should also know which dog breeds in India are best suited for your lifestyle.

As most of us live in apartments, we have compiled a list of the best small dog breeds in India. Keep reading to find out which of these breeds are ideal for apartment living.

Why Are Small Dogs Ideal For Apartment Living

Many metropolitan city inhabitants live in apartments. If you want to keep a dog in your apartment, you need to make sure they are ideal for apartment living. 

Not all dogs are built for apartments. Some living accommodations are just too small while others have marble flooring which is just too slippery for their paws.

On the other hand, some dogs thrive in apartments. These dogs are usually smaller in size.

Let’s find out why-

  1. Need less space- Small dogs are easier to keep in an apartment because they need less space. An active dog can run within the apartment and get his energy out.

For instance, a Chihuahua can get a good workout by running in an apartment, but a German Shepherd will not break a sweat indoors, and the apartment may not be in one piece once a German Shepherd is done running around.

2. Happy neighbours- Large dogs are often intimidating to neighbours and since they have a louder bark, neighbours might complain. A smaller dog, however, is easier to handle, less intimidating and have a softer bark.

3. Trainability – It is a common misconception that small dogs don’t require training. Truth is, all dogs need training but because of their size, small dogs are easier to control and train than bigger dogs.

1. Beagle


Beagles are one of the cutest dogs ever. They’re small, active, friendly and perfect for families with kids because they’re playful, gentle and great companions in general.

They have a strong sense of smell and often get carried away when they find an interesting trail of scent. This can be a problem if you don’t train your Beagle from an early age. They may feel too inclined to chase a butterfly, rats, or other dogs – anything that smells interesting.

Beagles come in gorgeous colours like lemon, red and white, and tricolour. Their adorable face, big brown or hazel eyes and long ears make them quite popular among Indian pet owners.

Since they are smaller, many owners prefer to keep Beagles in apartments. Bear in mind though, that a Beagle’s bark is not as soft as other small dogs. So, if you are planning to keep Beagles you might want to gift your neighbours with sound cancellation earmuffs.

2. Indian Spitz

indian spitz

The Indian Spitz is attractive and ideal for nuclear families. They’re adorable little dogs with an uncanny similarity to the Pomeranian.

The Spitz stands between 8 to 18 inches and weighs between 11 to 45 pounds. They are a tiny ball of fur and are perfect for living in an apartment. They’re very active and taking them out for a walk is a great way to get their energy out.

They’re adapted to a warm climate and can tolerate the Indian heat without much difficulty. Indian Spitz sometimes forgets they are small and try to try to pick fights with bigger dogs. You must keep an eye on your Spitz especially when they are socialising with other dogs. Avoid socialising them with aggressive or hyper-reactive dogs for their own safety.

3. Indian Pariah Dog

indian pariah

Indian Pariahs are perhaps the oldest dogs in India. They’re low maintenance dogs and make adorable family pets if you socialize them early.

The Indian Pariah is known to be alert dogs; always on the lookout. Being wary of strangers is their nature. However, if you socialize your puppy early on, they can get comfortable around people and other dogs. They are usually good with kids and are protective companions.

This dog is healthy and adapts to any Indian weather. Most Pariahs are medium-sized dogs, making them ideal for apartment living.

Do bear in mind though, that pure Pariahs are not easy to find. Most dogs on the streets are mixed breed Pariah dogs. Since we don’t know their family history and genetics, it’s very difficult to predict any health conditions and behavioural issues from a young age.

4. Shih Tzu

shih tzu

The Shih Tzu is known for being an excellent companion. They’re affectionate, happy, outgoing house dogs who love to follow their family members around.

They adapt well to apartment living and are good for first-time dog owners particularly because of their small size. Shih Tzus are sensitive and affectionate by nature and often turn out to be great nannies.

They can handle cooler temperatures thanks to their thick, luscious coat but they don’t fare well in extreme heat. Not only are they loving towards their family, but also to other pets in the house. A Shih Tzu is not known to bite but they don’t tolerate bad behaviour either. They can bark and bite if they feel threatened so be nice!

5. Lhasa Apso

lhasa apso

The Lhasa Apso originates from Tibet. They were bred as indoor monastery-sentinel dogs for Tibetan Buddhist monks. 

Lhasa Apsos are independent, intelligent and loyal companions. They are a little wary of strangers.

This dog breed is known to be very calm and composed. They need early socialization with other dogs as well as people. They also need a moderate amount of physical exercise. Lhasa Apsos are always eager to please their owners and enjoy training. 

They’re usually 11 inches tall and weigh between 12-15 kgs. Their tiny size and luscious, long coat not only makes them one of the most adorable dogs but also perfect for apartment living. 

6. Pomeranian


The Pomeranian has a tiny body- generally under 4 kgs. They’re covered in a gorgeous, thick, double coat which comes in over two dozen colours.

They’re intelligent and dominating which is a complete contrast to their harmless exterior.

Pomeranians are alert dogs; easy to train they do turn out as exceptional watchdogs. However, they do show a playful, friendly and loyal side to families with kids. As small dogs, please be careful as they may try to attack someone double their size.

Pomeranians are active and need regular exercise. Since they are so small, you can easily exercise them indoors and go on short walks. This makes them perfect for apartment living.

7. Chihuahua


Chihuahuas are an absolute bundle of joy of 3 kgs. They’re adorable, intelligent and playful. They have a round apple-shaped head, erect ears and brilliant, big expressive eyes. Their coats come in various colours which can be long or short.

Chihuahuas are loyal, charming, confident and active. Don’t be fooled by their size, these little guys have a big appetite for play. Make sure to walk them at least two to three times a day. Be prepared to take special care in extremely cold temperatures, they aren’t particularly good at handling winters.

As tiny as they are, they need obedience training early on or they can be a menace. Tiny and smart, they are ideal pets to have in an apartment.

8. Poodle


Poodles are a remarkable breed. They’re eager, active and intelligent. They have a graceful gait and are self-confident.

They are largely known for their hairdos, royal attitude and being the stars of any dog show. But they’re more than just a show dog. You’ll find a loyal companion and an affectionate pet in them with the right training.

This dog breed is small; around 15 inches tall and 27 to 30 kgs. They’re active but non-sporting, so, you can easily give them the exercise they need indoors. Their calm demeanour and small size make them perfect for apartment living.


All dogs are adorable and the ideal scenario would be to adopt all of them. In the real world, however, when you decide to get a dog, do your research and make sure you get a breed which can thrive in your living situation.

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