Rubby is our Great Dane and we love her so much. We got her a few months back; she is only 7 months now. 

It wasn’t easy to convince my mom to bring Rubby home.

To get our Rubby we had to promise our mom that we will take care of Rubby. I and my sister said we will do everything from training and cleaning her. Finally my mom agreed and we got to bring Rubby home.

When Rubby came home, she was so tiny. She has a beautiful mantle coat with a white chest. Rubby came into our house giving us so much happiness.

We knew she will grow big but we didn’t think she would grow so big so fast. But she kept growing and growing and she hasn’t yet stopped! 


We first began with potty training. Our first attempt was pathetic. She didn’t know what we wanted her to do, and she would have many accidents inside the house.

I had to clean after her almost every day but we did not give up. We kept training her. She is still learning how to go potty outside and she is getting better at it.

I also started teaching her cool new tricks. First I taught her the basic commands. Like sit and stay. But later I also taught her a few cool tricks like balancing a treat on her nose!

We are seeing her grow every week. While everyone is sad during the lockdown, we are getting a good chance to train her and play with her. 

From the time she was 2 months old, we used to take her for a walk and now we are busy during the lockdown just because of her. 

Now Rubby has become an important member of the family and we all love her so much.

This story was given to us by Lavya @rubbythegreat_d

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