There are times when I feel very low and Rani is always by my side. Rani is a beautiful furry girl and we are all so lucky to have her.

I think I am fine because of her. A few years back I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and the doctor suggested that I have some regularity in my life. 

He said that I should start brisk walking and he even said that getting a dog will help me with my condition. 

I took him seriously and I checked a few NGOs for a dog. That’s when I got Rani. Rani was around 1 years old when I first saw her.

I wasn’t sure about getting an adult dog because I thought if I get a dog it’s always going to be from the start of their life.

But when I saw Rani, I couldn’t imagine not having her around. She was the first dog to greet me so lovingly. Her tail was swinging from side to side like she already knew me.

The person in the shelter told me that Rani was rescued from a locality. She had met with an accident and had quite a few fractures on her ribs. But since she had recurring complications, she ended up staying in the NGO for longer than it was intended.

Maybe I reminded her of someone who rescued her. Either ways, we had formed such a strong bond that it felt ridiculous to not adopt her. So, I signed the adoption papers and she was with me within a few days!

Now it has been around 3 and a half years since she is in our home and she is so loved and cherished. My anxiety is also a lot better. Much more manageable. I think when you have to take care of another life, you truly start to understand the value of your own life.

I and Rani started going on brisk walks together. We go on walks every day. 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening.

She also helps me when I get panic attacks. I don’t know I never really trained her but she already knew what to do. When I have trouble breathing, she comes next to me and waits for it to pass.

I am so grateful to have her.

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