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Pugs are cute little dogs. With their pushed-in faces and their bubbly personalities, it’s hard to not like a Pug because they will light up the room wherever they go, but what does it take to raise a Pug? Here’s everything you need to know about Pugs.

Pug Breed Information

Pugs are ancient breeds originating from the Han dynasty in 206 B.C, and they were always popular amongst the royal families. These dogs were bred solely for their looks and companionship, and they often had guards protecting them.

They stood out because of their wrinkles. They were bred as such that the lines on their forehead would spell the word ‘Prince’ in Chinese.

Ancient lines of this breed were also found in Tibet and Japan.

When China began trading with Europe in the 1500s, they started sending their beloved Pugs as well. The English royal dynasty also loved the Pugs, and thus they found a home on royal laps. These dogs are the quintessential lap dogs.

This is why you can see Pugs in many royal portraits. They either had a painting of their own or were captured alongside royal kings and queens.

Pugs came to America after the civil war and were one of the first breeds to be registered in the AKC in 1885. From then on, the beautiful dog travelled to the rest of the world with their wagging tails and blossoming personalities.

In India, Pugs became popular after the Vodafone ad in 2003 (back then it was called Hutch); in fact, they are still called the ‘Vodafone dog’.

Physical Characteristics

Pugs are all about their physical characteristics. They stand out because of their wrinkly face, their looped tail and big eyes. A pure breed pug has a correctly coiled up tail that does a complete full circle.

They come in two colours – fawn and black and their muzzle are always black.

They are small dogs; around 14 inches tall and weighing somewhere between 6-8 kilos.

Their body is made for one thing and one thing only – the ‘awww factor’. Don’t expect them to chase a ball or find a hidden treat. Instead, if you want to snuggle up with them, they’re going to be perfect!


Pugs have been bred for centuries to be excellent companions, and that’s precisely what they are. They are goofy and love to be around their people.

They are generally quite friendly and curious. They get along well with most other dogs, but early socialisation is a must for Pugs, just like any other dog.

They love to be around people and would usually follow their family everywhere they go.

These dogs aren’t best for those who have crazy working hours and need to stay away from their homes for a long time. They thrive with people, and when they don’t have their family home, they can become unfortunate. It may even lead to separation anxiety or depression.

So, if you work for long hours, we suggest bringing a different breed, that is more independent and can stay on their own for long hours.

We suggest meeting either or both the dog’s parents to get an idea of how their personality will be when they grow up. A pure breed, well socialised Pug should not be aggressive to people and dogs. 


They are not very active and hence don’t need a lot of exercises, but training is a must for all dogs.

Basic obedience training keeps them safe, but it also strengthens their bond with you. Training them a necessary ‘stay’ and ‘come’ is essential if you want to leave them off-leash.

Pugs are not the easiest to train. Their goofy and resilient personality makes training a weaker pursuit, but if you are consistent, you can get them to learn basic commands.

Many Pug owners in India prefer to keep their dog off-leash, but we would suggest perfecting their basic commands before leaving them off-leash. 

They are small dogs and can quickly be taken by a dognapper or a mill owner. Since they are trusting little dogs, they can also get attacked by other street dogs.

If you want to make sure they have their own space to run, you can keep them on a long lead instead.


Their cute unique face comes at a cost. Being a brachiocephalic dog, they are prone to breathing problems. Dust and dirt can get trapped inside the wrinkles on their face, and it can lead to infections.

Since it is so tricky for Pugs to breathe, you may hear them snore or struggle to breathe.

Though they don’t have a lot of grooming needs the wrinkles on their face needs to be cleaned every day, preferably after a walk. This will save them from many skin diseases.

Their eyes are also prone to many conditions. Since their eyes are so big and bulgy, it can pop out of their eye socket if they are on a tight leash or if they pull too hard on their lead. As a pet parent, you will have to quickly put their eyes back in so that they don’t lose their eyesight.

They are also prone to irritable eyes, corneal ulcers, dry eyes etc.

Demodectic Mange is very common in Pugs often because of their compromised immunity, followed by many skin allergies.

Though they have short, dense fur, they cannot tolerate extreme temperatures and are best for those living in dry and comfortable environments. 


Pugs don’t have intensive grooming requirements. Since they have short fur, they don’t need to be brushed often, but the wrinkles on their face need to be cleaned every day. They are also prone to dental problems so you must clean their teeth regularly.

Their ears, eyes, and the wrinkles need to be checked at least once a week for infections. Keep their paws and eyes clean too because if there is dirt in their paws, it can get in their eyes when they try to groom themselves.

Lastly, Pugs are beautiful dogs, but it is always best to adopt Pugs. Pugs are popular dogs in India, and because of all their poor health, they are also abandoned by many pet owners. Adopting a Pug is just as fulfilling as bringing home a little Pug puppy.

Do you have a Pug? What has your journey been like with your Pug by your side? Let us know in the comment section below.

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