Smoked Salmon with Lamb, Tapioca and Green Peas – Energetic Adult Dogs

Smoked Salmon with Lamb, Tapioca and Green Peas – Energetic Adult Dogs

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Salmon, Lamb, Tapioca and Green Peas as our Primary Ingredients

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The real secret to a silky, shiny coat is salmon! Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, this fish protein also caters to a healthy immune system and reduces inflammation.
Rich, mineral-packed and tasteful, lamb meat gives this recipe an edge you may not find in other recipes.
The humble pea packs quite a punch! They are rich in vitamins A, B and K and it contains minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc.
Add a healthy amount of carbohydrates, starch and fillers into their diet with tapioca. This grain is easy on their stomach and promotes good digestion




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