Why Goodness Dog Food?
You have spoken and we have heard your requests! Goodness is coming back with a new range of recipes. They are delicious, natural, and affordable! So, experiment all you want and find what works best for your dog.

This time, we wanted to make sure everyone finds a recipe at Goodness. Hence, we incorporated grain-free, low grain and grain based formulas. Each recipe is inspired by traditional diets from different parts of the world and they are planned out to give your dog complete wholesome nutrition.

Our Choices
Here are our top choices for you:

For Adult Dogs With Itchy Skin
Here’s the ultimate skincare diet for dogs with itchy skin. The rich blend of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids from sardines and salmon makes it the skincare must-have!

And for all picky eaters out there – we’ve got you covered! The recipe has chicken fat – a highly digestible, healthy blend of nutrients. Most dogs love chicken fat, which is why this recipe is a huge success with picky eaters.

Our Hypoallergenic Dog Food
Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids – Salmons, sardines and chicken fat have omega 6 fatty acids. We have balanced the omegas for the ultimate skincare dog food.
Easy-to-digest formula – This recipe contains lean white fish meat. It’s easy on the stomach and ideal for dogs with an irritable gut.

Tried and tested – Our formulas are researched and balanced. They undergo multiple health and safety checks before we deem them worthy of your dogs.

For Active Dogs
Does your dog stay up and running on its feet all day? Active dogs burn a lot of energy and they need a good helping of healthy calories to fuel their active minds. We have two grain-free dog food recipes made especially for active dogs.

The high protein and high-fat content provides your dog with abundant energy! We have included two grain-free choices – one containing lean white meat like chicken and salmon and the other is made with high-calorie lamb meat and salmon. Fuel their energy with their favorite protein!

Our Grain-Free Dog Food
Super Stamina Food Range: Our high protein and fat formulas provide a burst of energy lasting them till their next meal.

Meat Choices: We have two formulas, one with red meat and the other with white to give your dogs what they love the most

Balanced Formula: The proteins, fats and carbohydrates are calculated and balanced to ensure they get rounded nutrition from one formula.

Adult Dogs
Most of our dogs are adults, having moderate daily activity, and don’t have any known health conditions. These dogs can get the best out of most healthy canine formulas. We have one recipe made especially for moderately active adult dogs – one is all it takes to win their hearts.

We included a classic chicken and rice recipe. Most dogs in India are familiar with chicken and rice and therefore have no trouble wolfing it down. The recipe is mineral-rich and made for dogs at different stages of their adult life.

Our Adult Dog Food
Mineral Rich Formula: The humble seaweed packs a punch of nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids, iron, magnesium, iodine etc.

Healthy Protein Stocks: This recipe is binded with a vitamin and mineral rich lamb stock. The stock also adds a rich taste most dogs enjoy.

Classic formula: All dogs are familiar with chicken and rice, hence even the pickiest of eaters enjoy this recipe without a second thought.

For Puppies, Lactating/Pregnant Bitches and Active Adult Dogs
Mothers exhaust a lot of energy taking care of their young ones and puppies are always on their feet, getting into all sorts of trouble. They need extra calories to get them through the day. Our lamb and rice recipe is the ideal calorie-packed source of nutrition for these rambunctious puppers.

The recipe also contains glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate for joint support which keeps the puppies strong and helps them develop into strong adults. Since this recipe is a powerhouse, you can give it to really active adult dogs like guard dogs, sporting dogs, show dogs and military dogs.

Our Mother and Puppy Dog Food
For glossy skin and coat: The recipe contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that makes the mother and the baby look their best.

High-calorie formula: This recipe packs quite a punch and provides adequate calories to even the most energetic dogs.

Balanced formula: This recipe is researched and tested to make sure lactating mothers and little puppies have to look no further for all their nutritional needs.

Why Dry Dog Food?
Dry dog food is always more convenient than wet dog food. This is why most people go for dry dog food. It has a longer expiration date and it’s more affordable in the long run.

But is dry dog food healthy? Well, we cannot speak for other brands, but Goodness dog food is perhaps the healthiest dog food based in India. We always strive to give you the best and hence outsource our production for recipes that meet the health and safety standards of first-world countries.
Our recipes are specially made in Australia. This means that all ingredients are meticulously sourced by Australian dog food experts. Hence, we argue that our product is one of the most nutritiously adequate dry dog food in the Indian market.

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