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Why Goodness Grain Free Dog Food?

Goodness grain free dog food is unlike any other dog food you’ll find in India. Over the years of researching the best dog food in India, we discovered that India does not have specific regulations for the pet food industry

Would you ever buy food that has not been approved by the FSSAI? Then why not do the same for your dog? Since India does not have clear regulations for dog food manufacturing, we get our formulas specially made in the U.K. All our recipes adhere to the strict dog food standards and regulations in the U.K.

Our Choices

Goodness Puppy Dog Food

Puppies are curious and have a zest for life. They tend to grow every day and their bodies go through a lot of changes. We have designed a puppy food that supports their bodies and allows them to be the energetic curious puppies that they are meant to be.

We have 2 variants for puppy foods. One is made specifically for large breed puppies while the other is made for puppies of all sizes and breeds.


Our Puppy Food

  • Rich in Omega 3 and 6 Fatty acids – omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are good for their skin, coat, brain development, eyes and joint health.
  • Easy to digest meat – Puppies have a sensitive stomach. Hence, we have made sure that all meat choices are light and easy to digest.
  • Balanced formulas – Our puppy recipes are designed to support their changing bodies and make it easy for them to enter adulthood.

Goodness Adult Dog Food

Did you know that a majority of a dog’s life is spent as an adult. As they become adults, we learn about their allergies and genetic conditions (if they have any). Some dogs can get an allergic reaction towards certain meats, hence we have a range of recipes to accommodate all adult dogs.

We have 5 variants of adult dog food. 4 of them are single meat recipes. They are made especially for dogs with allergies. 1 recipe is made of to fish meats, namely, salmon and trout.

Our Adult Dog Food

  • Contains healthy meat choices – All our meat varieties come from healthy sources and go through a series of assessments before we deem them appropriate for usage.
  • Balanced formulas – Our recipes are balanced in terms of proteins, carbohydrates vitamins and minerals.
  • Made for different purposes – Our adult formulas have unique functionalities. For instance, our pork and duck formula is made for picky eaters, our chicken formula is great for dogs that don’t like to experiment, our salmon and trout formula is made to improve skin and coat quality, and our turkey formula is ideal for dogs with a sensitive stomach.

Goodness Senior Dog Food

Dogs hit their senior years at different ages depending on their breed (big breeds age faster than small breeds). When they do grow old, their bodies go through a lot of changes. Their bones become weak and they may have trouble with their joints. Subsequently, their eyesight weakens, and so on. 

Our formula is designed to support them during their senior years so that they can be pain free and continue to have a zest for life.

Our Senior Dog Food

  • Contains lean meat –  Salmon and trout are light fish meats. With age it is important for dogs to have lean meat because it increases the chances of absorption
  • Glucosamin, Chondroitin Sulphate and MSM – These components enhance joint repair as joint injuries are quite common in senior dogs. 
  • Contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids – Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are great for their skin, fur, brain and eyes. It allows your senior dog to stay interested and continue to explore the world around them.

Goodness Weight Control Dog Food

Dogs with weight issues are constantly fighting against their own body to live a healthy life. With every step, their bones are grinding against each other. The pain while walking and moving makes it difficult for them to stay active.

Currently, we have one weight control formula. It is made for adult dogs of all ages, who struggle to keep their weight under control.

Our Weight Control Dog Food

  • Contains lean fish meat –  Salmon and trout are light fish meats. Dogs with weight issues must have lean meat that is easy to digest
  • Contains L-Carnitine – This is the main ingredient when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight range. It encourages lean muscle development and promotes fat loss
  • Contains healthy sources of carbohydrates – Dogs with weight issues must have enough carbs from healthy sources. This recipe contains 24% sweet potato which is a great source of carbohydrates and minerals.

Why Dry Dog Food?

Dry dog food is always more convenient than wet dog food. This is why most people go for dry dog food. But is dry dog food nutritionally adequate? 

Goodness grain free dog food is made with special Freshtrusion technology.  The Freshtrusion machine cooks the ingredients with minimal processing time and temperature so that it doesn’t strip the final product of vitamins and minerals.

Our recipes are specially made in the U.K with this technology and we are currently the only dog food company in India that uses Freshtrusion. Hence, we can argue that our dry dog food is one of the most nutritiously adequate dog food in the Indian market.

Buy The Ultimate Dog Food Online From Goodness

We understand that a lot comes to play when you are searching for the best dog food for your furry friend. Price, nutrition, premium ingredients, shelf life etc – Goodness ticks all the boxes.

We do not sell our product through third-party vendors, hence you get premium-quality dog food at the best price. Since we only sell our dog food online, you can get Goodness dog food, right at your doorstep, without moving a muscle.



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Dear Pet Parents,

It is heart-wrenching to put up this message but it has become extremely difficult to import our dog food because of a serious Avian (bird flu) outbreak in the UK. Authorities have refused to provide clearance to export pet food from the U.K. and we are unsure of the exact time needed to clear the outbreak.

We sincerely thank you for supporting us so far. Your dog’s safety and security is our main concern and we will take extreme steps to provide high quality, uncontaminated recipes as soon as possible. We will let you know when we have restocked our websites with fresh recipes. Until then, take good care of your dogs and feed them the best quality dog food in our absence.

Looking forward to serving you soon!