Pongo the Pug. It has a ring to it. That’s why, when we got our Pug we had to name him Pongo and every day since, he loves up to his name.

Pongo loves to play. He is a bit of a cartoon. His favourite game is to chase soap bubbles. I brought a soap bubble toy for my daughter and we never realised that the one to enjoy the toy the most would be Pongo the Pug.

Now my daughter brings out her toy and looks at Pongo and Pongo gives this huge cartoonish smile. I taught her not to blow it on his face and she is very careful and together they have the best time.

Pongo’s favourite person is my wife. He, of course, loves everyone in the family but whenever my wife is in the house, Pongo will sit with her and follow her to other rooms. When my wife is not there his morale is a bit low.

But as soon as my wife walks in, Pongo is the happiest. I think having a small dog has its perks, we can always pick him up and spoil him with love. He also doesn’t require a lot of workout. A walk a day is good for him.

I think no matter how big or small you still need to invest in proper nutrition. I was lucky I found Goodness when Pongo was just a little Puppy. I first started him off with the puppy recipe. Now he has the Salmon and Trout recipe.

I am giving him the same recipe for the past year and I really feel that it helps him stay in good health. Pongo has the softest, shiniest fur and many people ask us what we do to keep his fur so soft. 

When we tell them it’s the dog food they are usually quite stunned.

Pongo is our heart and we always want to give him the best.

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Pongo the Pug. It has a ring to it. That’s why, when we got our Pug we had to name him Pongo and every day


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