Plowy came into our life when she was only 57 days old. She was a beautiful long-haired Persian kitten, and we knew she’s family the moment we saw her.

She was named Plowy by her Mummy. We brought her home without realising that she will slowly inch into our hearts and become our little daughter.

Plowy 1

She is cute, and she is famous. Plowy has quite the social following on Instagram. She spends most of her time posing for her fans, marketing cat stuff, and just being her cute little self! Plowy is our little diva, she enjoys being brushed and groomed.

Plowy has also been labelled as the most popular and photogenic cat in India – the camera loves plowyher!

We call her our ‘fluff ball with honey-filled eyes.’

Plowy 2

Recently, Plowy completed 5,000 km on road to different parts of India. We were very careful on our first trip. We had plenty of food and water for her and even set her in a way that she could peep out the window and enjoy the long ride. 

Plowy 3

We took short breaks throughout the trip and brought her litter box with us so that she can be comfy. Plowy is a tiny little girl, so we were a bit afraid of taking her on a road trip, but she proved us all wrong. 

On our way back from Delhi, we realised that she was enjoying her road trip. As soon as we put her in the car, she calmed down and watched the trees go. This was when we realised that along with all her other hobbies, Plowy also enjoys travelling.

We started travelling more with Plowy on our side. She has gone to parts of Pune, Mumbai, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, and after the lockdown, we plan to go on many more trips. We always make it a point to find pet-friendly hotels and resorts so that we can all have a perfect little outing together as a family.

After all, she is the apple of our eye, and she deserves the best.

This story was given to us by @plowythecat.

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