Partnership Program

Goodness Partnership Program - For Breeders and Distributers

I think it’s safe to say that we all share a common interest – we love dogs and we want to give them the best dog food. But international dog food companies sell premium dog food at an exorbitant price. This has brainwashed many into believing that premium dog food must be expensive.

Allow Goodness to bust that myth. Over the years of dedicated research, we have learnt that good dog food does not have to be expensive. This is how we changed our product line and our brand messaging. We are now a brand for everyone and our mission is to provide premium dog food at an affordable price.

For Breeders

Are you struggling to find large quantities of good dog food at an affordable price? Goodness has a range of high-calorie recipes, perfect for puppies and lactating mothers. And better yet, we bring to you the ultimate value for money offer.

Goodness has a special discount on bulk orders. The Goodness Partnership Program gives you:

  • Goodness dog food at a massive discount
  • Provides nutritious recipes to puppies and mothers without spending a huge margin on dog food
  • Keep the mother strong and healthy during pregnancy and lactation
  • Watch puppies grow, maintain their health and receive more customer requests

Our value for money dog food finally takes the stress away from good nutrition and lets you focus on giving your puppies a good life before they head over to their loving families.


For Distributers

Good distributors keep quality at heart but in a country where premium dog food is mostly imported, it’s hard to make a profit from good dog food as very few people buy it because of high prices. This is probably why; most distributors sell the same poor quality, readily available dog food.

That’s where we come in. Goodness bulk offers helps you save a huge margin while still giving your customers premium-quality dog food at an affordable price so they can have better buying power.

The Goodness Partnership Program gives you a chance to:

  • Buy good quality dog food at a massive discount.
  • Sell premium-quality dog food at a lesser price while making a profit and increase the number of customers.
  • Maintain a reputation amongst pet shops who value quality canine nutrition at a better value which increases their chances of sales.

Sell dog food with pride. With Goodness, you can finally give your customers the value they have been looking for.

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