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Coat improved greatly!

About three months we switched our darling Cherry onto Goodness grain free versions The coat and overall health has improved tremendously! The coat is now incredibly soft, lustrous and shiny. She was earlier prone slight wheezing after exercise which went away with the grain free versions. The transformation is amazing



Tasty for my doggie

My dog is a bit of a fussy eater and would turn his nose away at royal canin or pedigree. However, he absolutely loves Goodness dog food and the bowl would be licked clean in a matter of minutes! The ingredients listed are high quality, and there are no by products like many of the other dog foods contain.



Five stars for quality and best value

I am surprised once I opened the packet which is having a great smell. We are vegetarians and we want to feed our dogs with non-veg dog food as vegetarian is against their nature. Most of the dog foods we tried before has a very bad smell. This one is pleasant. Our dog is eating well and the price is also less for the good quality they offer.



Food allergy vanished

My Lhasa loves it and she had a food allergy. Now its gone. Very happy with this recipe



Nice flavour

My dog loves the flavour of this dog food. I guess it is because of Salmon & Lamb. They can’t get enough.



Great price for a Grain free dog food

Goodness Grain Free dog food is the least price among the Grain free dog foods in India. I checked it and no one is offering grain free dog food @Rs.4999 except Goodness brand.

Because It Matters

Quality: At The Heart Of Goodness

We partnered with the best farmers from Australia to provide us with superior crops and produce.

Premium Ingredients

All our ingredients are sourced from Australia – from the folks we trust. Just the good stuff!

Premium Protein

All our protein – Chicken, salmon, sardines, lamb and eggs are carefully selected for the recipes.

Premium Food

The end result is a bowl full of goodness that you can give your dogs with pride.

Clean GOODNESS bowls since launch!

Get Rewarded with Every Purchase!

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  • Grain free, low grain and grain based recipes to choose from
  • All dog food recipes are sourced and prepared in Australia
  • Human grade kitchen for safe preparation
  • Natural preservation methods are used for all Goodness recipes
  • One brand for all breeds!

Here’s an assortment of Goodness recipes

You Shouldn't Be The Only One Eating Healthy

Like you, we love our pets too, and the lack of good dog food in India pushed us to create a brand that really keeps your pet. thriving it does not contain:

Ingredients like “Meat Meal” can be anything from feathers to diseased livestock.

Artificial preservatives only increase shelf life and the risk of cancer. We don’t use it.

Misleading labels only make you feel good. “Contains Chicken” can mean just 4% chicken.

All our recipes are 100% grain-free and don’t contain cheap and unhealthy sources of carbs

Switching To Goodness Is Easy

Really, all it takes is 10 days.

Days 1 - 3

25% Goodness 75% Old Food

Days 4 - 6

50% Goodness 50% Old Food

Days 7 - 9

75% Goodness 25% Old Food

Days 10

100% Goodness!



Healthier For Them. Easier For You.

Skip the stores, preservatives, poor quality and retail markup. By shipping our food directly to you, we invest in better ingredients, nutrition and quality.


  • Free & Fast Deliveries
  • Vet Approved Recipes
  • Bulk Discount Offers
  • Exotic Meat Ranges

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