I think that all dogs are special. Doesn’t matter if you have a breed or not they will warm your heart and give you so much love.

I feed many dogs in my locality and Moti is one such dog. He is very sweet. Has the most beautiful eyes. And I know many people say that unless they are in your house, they are not your pets. But I know that’s not true.

Moti was a little stray pup I found while feeding the other dogs. The big dogs will bully him and not let him eat, so I used to feed him separately.

At around five months I felt I could feed him with the others. He was a bit big and the bigger dogs didn’t bully him as much.

One day, I found Moti limping and his elbow was covered with blood. He was bitten hard by another dog. The wound was very deep, I had to take him to the doctor and he needed 10 stitches!

After that I had to keep him home for the wound to heel or else he would have again gotten into fights and the stitch would tear and it would have been even worse.

I sometimes feel this was all a part of God’s plan or Moti’s plan. Because after I brought him home, I couldn’t leave him out again.

He is such a sweet dog and even at 5 months, he was really calm and docile. He got along with everyone in my family. He particularly fell in love with my daughter. Both of them share a beautiful bond.

When I first brought him inside, he was so terrified to even leave the house. He would shake until I coaxed him to come out with tasty treats. Eventually, I brought him a leash and a collar and he learned how to wear a leash and a collar without any problem.

Now he is 2 years old and he doesn’t behave like a street dog at all. He doesn’t like to step on puddles during the monsoons. If there’s a puddle, he will walk around it.

He also doesn’t mind dressing up. During the winters, it gets pretty cold here so my daughter sometimes puts a pink sweater on him and he loves it.

He also loves to sleep on the bed and he had a purple pillow. We tell him, ‘Moti, use your pillow.’ And he searches for his purple pillow and brings it. Then he puts his head on it and sleeps.

Moti is a lovely companion and he brightens up the entire house. I really wish more people would adopt a dog from the streets. Who knows, maybe you will also find your Moti.

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