4 Laws For Street Dogs In India – Legal Rights Every Indian Animal Lover Should Know About

laws for street dogs in India

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Earlier we have discussed all the laws for pet parents in India to keep them safe. However, our streeties also have rights and we must do everything in our power to keep them safe. 

You may encounter some hostility but remember, the legal system is on your side. If you are facing hostile behaviours for feeding and taking care of street dogs, you can take help from NGOs within your locality and they will keep you safe.

Laws For Street Dogs In India

So, here are some laws for street dogs in India. It’s very important that we all know the laws so that we can keep ourself safe. Remember that if you are being harassed for taking care of street animals, the law is by your side. All you have to do is file an FIR.

Let’s have a look at some laws for street dogs in India.

1. Legally No One Can Stop You From Feeding Street Animals

It is not only lawful to feed street animals but also our responsibility to take care of strays. Every Indian has the responsibility to take care of unclaimed pets on the road and feeding them is the least we can do.

Currently, with the lockdown, strays are starving because of the coronavirus lockdown. It is only because of a few feeders across the country that they are being able to see a ray of hope.

Feeding animals is also a part of many religions and India has never discriminated against a person’s religion.

Anyone who objects to you feeding a street animal can be punished by law. All you have to do is file an FIR against them.

2. It is Illegal To Poison Street Animals

Street animals are only euthanised by the municipality if they have rabies and are a threat to society. Otherwise, poisoning street dogs or cats is a punishable offence. Depending on the severity of the crime, perpetrators can be fined a minimum of INR 2,000/- or can be sentenced to prison for 5 years.

If you feel the street dogs have been poisoned, you should file an FIR immediately and take the dog to the vet. If the dog is still alive, there are ways to save him.

3. It Is Illegal To Relocate Street Animals

The streets are their home. They were born on the streets and are far more comfortable in the place they were born. 

There are many reasons as to why you shouldn’t relocate street animals. Firstly, relocating them can make them aggressive hence it is best to leave them as they are. Secondly, relocating older dogs will make it possible for new, and possibly young, dogs to take their place. 

These new dogs are far more likely to be aggressive because they are trying to defend this new locality. They are not yet familiar with people’s faces hence they may attack anyone they find odd.

If you wish to control their population you can conduct timely spays and neuters. The municipality within your locality is assigned to do this and will cost you nothing. If you call them they will take them away, operate on them and let them heal from the incisions before sending them back.

This is perhaps the most humane way to deal with the overpopulation of street dogs.

4. It Is Illegal To Deliberately Injure Street Animals

A society that has no respect for street animals has no respect for its people. Research has proven time and again that criminal minds begin their dark path by hurting animals before they start hurting people. So, it is in all our best interest to put these perpetrators behind bars.

If you see anyone hurting or harming street animals you should file an FIR against them. The severity of the punishment depends on the nature of the crime.

We hope you still remember Bhadra’s story who made internet sensation in 2015. She was the young dog who was thrown from the fifth floor of a terrace by an MBBS student. The perpetrators, Gautam Sudarshan and Ashish Paul, were given sentenced to jail for their actions.

Here’s a beautiful photo of Bhadra after she was rescued and treated. Source: Scroll

Being A Responsible Animal Caregiver In India

Now that we know all the rights our street dogs have, it is important to honour those rights and make sure the streets are a little safe for them to co-exist with us. Here are some things you can do to make sure they have healthy and happy lives:

Feed Them Away From Human Population

We are everywhere and we know it’s difficult to feed them in a place where there are no humans. The best we can do is feed them away from public places that attract children – avoid parks and playgrounds. 

Also, consider feeding them at a time when there are fewer people outside. It will protect the street dogs and keep them calm at odd hours.

Clean Up After The Dogs

We want to maintain harmony amongst people and dogs. The best way to do it is by picking up all the leftover food and cleaning up the area once they are done eating. Leftover food can rot and invite a host of illnesses that can harm both people and animals and we don’t want that.

Secondly, neighbours are less likely to give you a hard time if they know you clean up after the street dogs.

Conduct Timely Vaccinations, Spays And Neuters

As feeders and caregivers, it is our responsibility to make sure they are vaccinated and sterilised. There are many reasons why you should vaccinate. One of the most important is to protect them from rabies. Rabid street animals are not only a threat to other animals but to humans as well. 

Sterilising will keep their population under control without threatening the lives of living street animals. It will also ensure they remain healthy and docile which is good for the entire society.

These simple procedures will keep our street animals safe and well cared for.

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