People say that cats are not affectionate. Those people have probably never met a cat or they are lying. And I get it, cats aren’t trusting from the first go but if you have ever kept a kitten, and watched them grow into an adult cat, you’d know how sweet they really are.

If you look at Judo it may seem like he’s scowling but that’s just his face. The truth is, he’s really sweet. 

Judo loves to play. I think his favourite toy is this string and feather toy that I brought for him. He loves to paw at the feather. So I wiggle it in front of him and he goes crazy.

We had quite a few rodents in the house. But after he came to our house, the rats have been disappearing one by one. I don’t think it is much of a mystery though. Judo wants to be the king of the house, he isn’t too fond of non-human visitors.

Judo really loves her dad though. I think he looks forward to when his dad comes home so that he can spend time sitting on his chest. It’s his most favourite place to be.

There are two kinds of cats. One that shows you their belly but does not like it when you touch them and the other who loves belly rubs. I think Judo is the latter. He loves belly rubs but only from the people he trusts – that’s me and my husband.

Recently we had a little baby, our daughter – Judo’s sister – and you won’t believe how gentle Judo is around her. He never comes too close to her but he spends a lot of time in the same room as her. When we leave her in her baby cot, Judo is always keeping a watchful eye from under the cot.

I think the third person who will be allowed to touch Judo’s belly will be our daughter. Looking forward to the coming months when our daughter can sit up and spend more time with Judo in person.

I’m so grateful to have both of them in my life.

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