How To Give Your Dog Medicines?

how to give your dog medicine

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Your dog is rambunctious and won’t have a second thought before picking things from the ground. You usually have to wrestle them to get things out of their mouth, but when it comes to medicines, they shut their jaws tight and swing their head to the side. That’s the only time when you have to wrestle them to get things in their mouth!

How To Give Your Dog Medicines?

Do you have a similar problem in the house? How to give your dogs medicines without having to wrestle them all the time? Let’s find out!

1. Pill Pockets

This is perhaps one of the most hassle-free methods to give medicines to your dog especially when you have to give them pills every day. All you have to do is insert the pill in the pill pocket, cover it up and give it to your dog. 

The mouldable structure of the pill pocket makes it very hard for dogs to pick at it. Usually, they don’t even find out that the delicious treat has a pill in the middle. You can buy pill pockets from the market but they are also very easy to make at home.

We would suggest not use raw dough because that can cause an upset stomach. Instead, you can use components like almond flour or boiled potatoes along with peanut butter or other dog-safe ingredients to make the perfect, healthy pill pocket.

2. Pill Popper

Another way to safely insert the pill would be with a pill popper. The pill popper is a narrow device that holds the pill. It allows you to open their mouth slightly and insert the pill accurately into their food pipe without making them choke.

Pill poppers are hassle-free once you learn how to use them, but it does have a learning curve. If not inserted properly the pill can makes them choke.

If you plan on using a device like a pill popper, we would suggest learning how to use it from your vet. Give your dog a few pills under your vet’s supervision before attempting to give it on your own.

3. Banana Slices

If your dog loves bananas you can sandwich the pill between two banana slices. Dogs that go bananas for bananas may not notice the pesky pill in the middle but you need to conceal the pill well. Any signs of medicine and they tend to leave the treat instantly.

4. Syrup Varieties

Most syrups made for dogs are usually meat flavoured and dogs love it. Ask your vet is a syrup variety is available for the medicine. At the end of the day, if they just like their medicine there is nothing better than that.

5. Mix it In Their Food

If your dog is calling you out for the pill infested treats, you can hide it in their meals instead. Pills are easier to hide in wet food. With pellets, you can mix a bit of unflavoured mashed potatoes or pumpkin puree and hide the pill in the puree. Dogs usually won’t notice it hidden inside their delicious food.

6. Insert The Pill In Their Throat

Of course, some dogs become very good at smelling out a hidden pill. Dogs that have had pill pockets for long, sometimes start to eat the edges to the pocket and leave the pill behind. Other dogs learn how to pick out the pill in their food and put it aside. 

Secondly, if your dog requires many pills at different times throughout the day, pill pockets and tasty treats may increase their calorie intake which is not recommended, especially for overweight dogs.

So, in situations like these, it’s always best to learn how to safely insert a pill in their throat.

The above video teaches you how to safely insert a pill in their oesophagus without hurting them. If you are a little unsure, you can ask your veterinarian to teach you how.

Common Mistakes We Make While Inserting A Pill

Taking too long to insert the pill – While inserting a pill in their mouth you need to be quick and efficient. If you’re unsure, even for a second, you can make it really uncomfortable for your dog and they may pull away. This will make things even harder the next time you have to give them a pill. 

Raising their head too high – After you give them the pill you need to raise their head high enough for the pill to go down their throat. But if you raise their head too high you can hurt their neck.

Not inserting the pill deep enough – You must insert the pill deep inside their mouth so that they can swallow it. Inserting the pill any higher makes it easy for them to shake the pill out of their mouth.

Opening Their Mouth Too Wide – You need to open their mouth wide enough to insert your index finger and middle finger along with the pill. Opening their mouth any wider makes it uncomfortable for them and they can easily wrestle you.

Make The Situation Unpleasant – Most pet owners are wrestling their dogs to get them to swallow their pills. This makes the experience very unpleasant for them and they are more likely to be traumatized by it.

It’s best to teach your dog to sit and get them comfortable with your hand in their mouth. Treat them after these mock sessions and practice touching their face. If you are calm, they will also be calm and you will be able to insert the pill in their mouth in these quick and easy steps mentioned above.

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