How Do Dogs Choose Their Favourite Person

how do dogs choose their favourite person

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Some dogs clearly show us who their favourite person is while others tend to share their love more equally but they all have a favourite. So, how do dogs choose their favourite person? Let’s find out!

How Do Dogs Choose Their Favourite Person?

It all depends on:

They Behave Around You?

An experiment conducted a few years back showed that dogs and owner relationships have some similarities to mother and child relationships. When a child was with their mother they were much more eager to explore, investigate and play. Dogs behave the same way when they are with their favourite person.

As soon as their favourite person leaves, they are unwilling to do things. They will just sit in a place anxiously. Sometimes they will guard the house. As soon as their favourite person comes, they will relax.

Dogs that are really attached to one family member may actually feel directionless without that person around them. They may not listen and be harder to control without that family member.

Personality Traits

In most cases, dogs naturally choose the person who spends the most time with them. So, if you feed them, play with them, walk them, groom them etc, you are most likely to be their favourite person.

However, this is not always the case. Sometimes dogs gravitate to someone who shares a similar energy level or personality trait as they do. For instance, if your dog is calmer and less reactive and you are bursting with energy, they are more likely to chose a calmer family member as their favourite person.

Early Attachment

Dogs usually become very close to the person they were with from birth till the time they are 6 months old. This time of their life is very crucial and it teaches them who to trust and how to behave.

How Do Dogs Choose Their Favourite Person

Now, if an adult dog had a negative experience with men as a puppy they may be afraid of men even after getting adopted. They may struggle to trust other men even if a man is their primary caregiver. They may choose a female member in the family as their favourite person.


For dogs, love and trust go hand in hand. They will love you if they can trust you. You may be their sole caregiver but if they feel they can’t trust you, they may choose another person as their favourite.

You may feed them, wash them, walk them play with them etc but if your behaviour is inconsistent – let’s say you don’t walk them every morning, sometimes you walk them once a day other times you walk them twice a day – they may feel they can’t trust you. In this case, they may choose your next-door neighbour as their favourite person because they give your dog treats every time they meet (which becomes a predictable behaviour for them).

How Do I Become My Dog’s Favourite Person?

Adopted dogs like the ones mentioned above can learn to love again and they can choose you as their new favourite person. You need to be a little patient and follow these simple tips below.

1. Match Their Energy Level

One of the main reasons why you should adopt a dog with a similar energy level as yours is that you can match them when they are very excited.

If your energy level is higher than your dog you can sit next to them after a play season and take a few deep breaths with them. They will understand that you are trying to relax with them.

2. Create More Good Memories

Dogs love to be with the person they have good memories with. Be that person. Train them with treats, encourage them when they behave well and don’t miss an opportunity to interact with them.

Sometimes we must take them to the vet or give them a bath – do things they don’t like. But don’t worry you can make these experiences pleasurable too by encouraging them and giving them delicious treats.

3. Love And Trust

In the article “How To Say ‘I Love You’ To My Dog” we have mentioned that for our sweet canines, love and trust works hand in hand. They cannot love someone they don’t trust and vice versa.

Give them more instances to show that they can trust you. Have their back and understand when they are feeling stressed. If a dog is stressed, they are more likely to look at you (if you’re their favourite person) and give you signals.

Respect them for being honest and take a step back in their training or exposure. If they know they can trust you, you may immediately become their favourite person.

4. Affection Is Key

Lastly, if you want to be their favourite person, you must give them time. You can do anything with them like cuddle and watch a movie, or read books. Dogs can only relax with the person they love.

Scratch their ears and their belly, they just love being loved. 

If you are patient and follow the simple tips above, you may actually become their most favourite person in the whole wide world!

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