Hero is the darling of the house. I got him when he was 2 months old and he has since spread joy into our house. He loves to play fetch, do zoomies and snuggle up with everyone at home. 

We love everything about him and we wanted to give back to him by bringing him the best food on the planet. After all, all he wants is a little food and a little play and we don’t want to screw up with that!

I guess you can call Hero a picky eater. He loves food but he doesn’t like all kinds of products. He isn’t the most eager to try out new recipes either.

The previous recipe that I gave him was a little inferior in terms of quality, but it was the only one he liked. I didn’t know much about dog food when he was a little puppy and I honestly brought the first dog food I saw in the grocery store. I can’t tell you how much I regret that decision.

I tried to change his dog food so many times but he just won’t budge.

In the long run, I saw that his fur started getting brittle and hard and it pained me to give him the same food every day.

We found Goodness by chance. I wanted a good recipe for picky eaters and I didn’t want to invest in a massive bag because I didn’t know if he would even try it.

I liked Goodness for two main reasons. They provide grain free dog food and it wasn’t as expensive as other foreign grain free dog food brands. Secondly, Goodness has these 500g trial packs which were perfect for Hero. At least if he rejected the food, I wouldn’t be digging a hole in my pocket!

I tried the duck recipe, the pork recipe and the chicken recipe and he ended up loving all of them! I think he loves the duck recipe a little bit more than the other two because he licks his bowl clean whenever we give it to him.

A week after giving Hero Goodness, I saw small changes in his fur quality. It is definitely softer and shinier now than it was before. He also gets very hungry during meal times and he is excited for food! Hero was never this crazy for food before

I feel like after giving him Goodness grain-free dog food I became a better pet parent to Hero. I can proudly say that I have helped him become stronger and healthier.

I know I purchased Goodness because of its small size packets but now I buy the 12 Kgs packets, knowing with full confidence that Hero will finish it all up!

Thank you so much Goodness for making my pupper smile!

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