Food For Teeth – Here’s How You Can Naturally Maintain Their Oral Hygiene

Food For Teeth – Here’s How You Can Naturally Maintain Their Oral Hygiene

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We hate it and sometimes it can be a little embarrassing too. When our sweet, friendly pooch goes to greet all our visitors with that bad breath, some make a face while others walk away. But mostly, all questions come back to you.

Are you not taking proper care? Are you neglecting their oral hygiene? We can avoid bad breath by brushing their teeth daily. But if you have a hyper active fidgety dog who perks her ears at the drop of a needle, you know this is easier said than done.

Bad breath can also be an indicator to other problems like plaque and cavities. Though a lot of it is hereditary, research shows that most dogs show some dental issues by the time they become 3. It may even get in the way of eating and performing other activities they enjoy, like chewing rubber toys.

In this article we have added a few treats and food items that reduce bad breath. Most pet owners know what causes bad breath and have already understood that oral hygiene is a must for canines. A few healthy choice can definitely keep bad breath at bay.

Go For Chewy Treats Instead of Hard Ones

Many treats insist that they are good for your dog’s oral hygiene but they can only maintain it if the are not too difficult to swallow. Sometimes, hard treats prevent your dog from chewing it and they lick it instead. This provides their teeth with no exercise. In fact, hard treats have caused more dental complications for dogs who have weaker gums. Weak teeth can crack when it comes across something hard. Chewy treats, on the other hand, are softer and facilitate the one thing that helps remove plaque and tartar.

Look For A VOHC Stamp

The Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) is an American council that issues clearance to those pet oral hygiene products which cleared the tests they conduct. It is not obligatory however, having a VOHC stamp proves that the product does what it claims. This is a stamp issued by American authorities, which is why it is harder to find VOHC products in India. India falls short of pet food safety laws and procedures, which is why we often import foreign products for their safety.

Do remember that it is not important to rely on dental chews. In most cases, products that are good for their teeth are not necessarily good for their stomach so keep them to the bare minimum.

Kibble Size

Research shows that a larger kibble size lead to less plaque build-up. However, this depends largely from dog to dog. Some dogs eat so fast, they swallow their food whole, while others take their time and savour every bite. Needless to say, the later benefit more from their habit than the former. But you can make kibble size help in your dog’s oral hygiene, by picking bigger pellets and using a special maize bowl that slows down their speed and makes them chew their food.

Treats that prevent bad breath

As we said earlier, dental treats are great for their teeth but not as good for their tummy. So, fruits and other natural treats are safer than dental chews. Carrot and beat sticks are really good for their oral hygiene. It even rids them of worms in their stomach.  Apples are also wonderful treats. They encourage chewing which rids of plaque and tartar build-up. Apples are also low calorie treats and are therefore preferred over sticks and chews, especially for older dogs.

Lastly, rubber chew toys are much better than plastic toys because while plastic can break and splinter, rubber ones allow chewing and salivation, both of which is good for their oral hygiene.

In most cases, dogs with a bad breath are also irritable or lethargic. It doesn’t have much to do with the breath, but more to do with tooth decay which may be causing the bad breath. Tooth ache can be terrible for dogs and is one of the main reason why they stop eating. Therefore, we cannot neglect their teeth. Proper hygiene and a healthy diet should stop bad breath.

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About Dheepakh

Dheepakh is a dedicated pet parent. His love for his dogs turned him into a pet food enthusiast. He has dedicated all his life to understand pet food nutrition and is eager to learn everyday.

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