Ebony looks a lot like a wolf. She has pointed ears and very shiny fur. Sometimes she stocks birds and she really looks like a wolf trying to catch prey.

But other than her striking looks, she is actually a big sweetheart. She loves to be around people. Her favourite person in the world is her grandma. She becomes so happy when she comes to visit and goes crazy.

Ebs loves to run outside, she has a lot of energy so the lockdown hasn’t been easy for her. She has torn many cushions because she doesn’t get the needed energy outlet. But I know it’s not her fault. We try to take her out for small intervals many times a day and we try our best to avoid the busy hours to avoid morning and evening joggers.

This routine has kept her a little calm. 

Ebony also has separation anxiety. Looking at her, no one thinks that she gets scared when she is alone. But she does. When she is alone, she starts howling. In fact, she howls so loudly, that our neighbours once called us with concern.

So now, if we ever have to go somewhere, we leave her with my mom, her grandma and she tends to love this setting more than anything else.

She spends the entire day lazing around on the floor until we come home to pick her up.

With Ebony, we have realised that looks can be deceiving. Ebony is a big girl with striking looks but on the inside, she is a big sweetheart. Before Ebony, I grew up with a Pomeranian named Robo and he was the feistiest dog I have ever met in my life.

That’s why I have stopped judging dogs by their looks. I don’t think their size matter as much as what is on the inside. Some big dogs really enjoy cuddles and think they are a big baby just lie  Ebony.

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