3 Reasons Why Dry Dog Food Is Better Than Wet Dog Food

3 Reasons Why Dry Dog Food Is Better Than Wet Dog Food

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Picking the right diet for your dog can be daunting, given the massive range of dog food available today. One such choice to make is between wet and dry dog food. There are countless choices to be made, from deciding between the best dog food brands to whether the food should be homemade or store-bought. Keep reading to find out why dry dog food is better than wet dog food.

What is Dry Dog Food?

As the name suggests, the water content in dry dog food is minimal- just 3 to 12%. It is as hard as a biscuit and comes in bags of varying shapes and sizes. It is easier to transport and is cheaper than wet dog food.

Previously, dry dog food had higher amounts of carbohydrates like wheat, corn, barley, etc. The carbohydrates and proteins are mixed to form kibble.

Modern machines that use Freshtrusion technology has allowed dog food companies to produce premium quality kibble with lesser grains. Such companies can use healthy fruits and vegetables and produce grain-free dog food kibble.

Good quality dry food also contains meats and fats, which are ground and mixed. These ingredients provide enough proteins to maintain healthy muscles, skin, and fur.

What is Wet Dog Food?

Contrary to dry food, wet dog food contains around 60-90% moisture which is why it has a shorter shelf life.

The calorie content in wet dog food is relatively low, which means that dogs must have at least twice the amount of wet food to restore enough calories for all their daily requirements.

However, even after consuming twice the amount of wet dog food, it does not contain enough proteins. If you plan to give your dog wet dog food, please do your research. You’d have to pick nutritious and wholesome wet dog food which might prove expensive in the long run.

Wet food caters to your dog’s olfactory senses which is why some prefer it over dry dog food.

The protein and fat sources provide energy and resources for better metabolism, stronger muscles and healthy skin, and hair. Wet dog food usually contains gelatin and sugar to preserve the product better.

Wet foods contain fewer preservatives as they are intended to be used quickly. Please store wet dog food in the fridge after opening it.

Reasons Why Dry Dog Food Is Better Than Wet Dog Food?

Dry dog food is easy to feed and store. You can leave it out without worrying about it getting spoiled. It is ready to eat and requires no extra preparation. All you have to do is scoop it up and serve it in a bowl.

1. Dry Dog Food Is Easy To Store

Dry dog food is generally sold in packets of various shapes and sizes. It is light, airy, and easy to store in a small kitchen corner.

You can store dry dog food for a long time after opening the packet because of added preservatives.

Just put the excess dry dog food in an airtight container after opening a packet, and it will be fresh for weeks, unlike wet dog food which you must finish within 2 to 3 days of opening the can.

2. Dry Dog Food Has A Higher Shelf Life

The reduced moisture content in dry dog food extends its shelf life. Many good dog food companies add natural preservatives to give the dog food for a longer life without compromising on its nutrition quotient.

The lack of moisture slows down the natural breakdown of nutrients in the dry dog food, keeping it healthy for longer.

If you follow simple steps like storing the dry dog food in airtight containers and a cool and dry place, you can extend its shelf life.

3. Dry Dog Food Does Not Make A Mess

Dry dog food is easy to give your dog. Since it’s dry, it doesn’t stick to the carpet or on the floor. If your dog spills his food, you can sweep it away or vacuum it.

Things to Keep in Mind When Feeding Your Dog Dry Dog Food

As appealing as a dry dog food diet is, you should make sure that it is the best choice for your dog. Along with your dog’s taste buds, some essential factors to consider are-

1. Hydration

It is necessary to hydrate your dog. Since dry dog food has little to no moisture, you need to make sure that your dog gets enough water along with the food. Make sure to change the water at least three times a day in the summer and twice in the winter. If your dog doesn’t drink a lot of water, you can soak their pellets in the water for 15 minutes before giving it to them.

2. Dental health

dry dog food is better than wet dog food

An older dog may struggle to eat dry dog food because of weak teeth. You need to make sure that the dry food you’re serving him is easy to chew and doesn’t hurt his teeth. Again, if you soak the pellets in water, it will become softer. Many senior dog food formulas make smaller pellets to make it easier for them to chew and swallow the food.

3. Expiration dates

Sometimes, when we can store large amounts of dry dog food, we tend to forget the expiration date. You should make sure that the food is fresh, healthy, and well within the expiration date.

Expiration dates are also an excellent way to figure out how good or how bad a product is. Companies that use natural preservatives will have products that last for 6 to 12 months. Those who use artificial preservatives will have products lasting up to 4 years! So, always look at the date of manufacture and expiration dates before purchasing dry dog food.

4. Quality

When you buy dry dog food, make sure that the product uses premium ingredients and has transparently resourced them in the ingredients section. It should contain all the nutrients that your dog needs.

Both wet and dry dog foods have their pros and cons, but our experience and research show that dry dog food outperforms wet dog food in many regards. 

At the end of the day, your dog’s preference, as well as their health requirements, must dictate their diet. Consult your veterinarian before outlining a canine diet to make sure it contains all the nutrients to keep your dog healthy and happy.

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