5 Fun Things To Do With Your Dogs On New Year’s Eve

fun things to do with your dog on new year's eve

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So, New Year is around the corner. This means that, just like every other festival, there are going to be a lot of firecrackers, loud music and bright lights. Your dogs may not be too happy about that arrangement. A few weeks back we talked about some dog-friendly recipes that you can make for the festive season. But other than food, what else can you do?

Let’s not leave our dogs out this New Year’s Eve. Here are some fun things you can do with your dogs on New Year’s Eve to make the end of the year special for them.

1. Quiet Time

We know that your pet does not enjoy loud music and firecrackers the way we do. So, you can spend the day in your apartment cuddling up with your dog. 

They won’t mind if you’re reading or having a movie marathon night. They just want to hang out with you. So play your favourite movies and chill with your dog.

2. Doggy Party

If your dog is social, you’d have tonnes of fun hosting a New Year’s Eve doggy party with all the friendly dogs around the block. We’re sure they will love it and won’t be bothered by all the noise outside the house.

Remember that while hosting a doggy party, you should only provide dog safe food items. Some products are really harmful to them, and even the smallest amount can make them ill.

3. Game Time!

Does your dog love to play? Well now is a good time to play a few indoor games. There’s too much noise and pollution outside and we don’t want to stress our dogs with it. 

Maybe a game of fetch will lighten the mood. Go to a quiet place indoors and enjoy a game of fetch with your dog.

If they enjoy a game of tug, pick out their favourite toy and have some good old human to dog time interacting with their favourite toy. If they are below 8 months old, do not pull too hard on the rope/tug toy. Playing too rough can cause tooth and jaw problems later on.

4. Vacation Time

If your occupation allows you a holiday, you should book tickets for a pet-friendly resort. There are many places around the world that celebrate a silent New Year and lets you have a fun time with your pet.

This is the perfect time for a getaway with your four-legged furry friend! We’d say you should take it! There are many pet-friendly holiday planning agencies in India that taking your pet out for a vacation is not as difficult as it was 10 years ago!

5. A Long Drive

Most dogs love a long drive and New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to pull up the windows and drive. They won’t be too distracted by the first crackers with the windows closed and the highways will be clear of loud noises.

dogs on new year's eve
Take them out on a long drive

Since most will celebrate New Year’s Eve at home, with friends and family, you might even get the highway to yourself!

Long drives are great as long as you follow all the safety rules:

  • Make sure your dog has enough to drink
  • Do not leave your dog alone in the car for more than five minutes

New Year Gifts for Dogs On New Year’s Eve!

Here’s something that may need a bit more planning from your end, but they deserve something truly special this New Year! Gifts are always special when we make them at home! So here are a few New Year gift ideas that your dog will love!

1. Intelligence Toys

Though you can make one on your own, it’s ideal to buy intelligence toys. It saves you time and your dog and cat can enjoy it this New Year.

Good intelligence toys are those that make your pets think and gives them a reward (usually a treat) for interacting with the toy. It keeps them motivated and busy for a long time and it helps you keep them alone or do your chores without having to keep an eye on them.

2. Winter Products

If you live in a colder city, a blanket will be the perfect gift for your dog. They will love it, particularly if you have an older dog or one with a short coat.

Blankets and dog sweaters are the perfect gifts for the winters. Also if you are planning to change their dog bed, now is the perfect time to get it changed!

3. Tick and Flea Bandanas

Of course, not all of us are living in cooler temperatures. Some of us have a warm New Year. For those who have a hot and sunny New Year, we suggest a DIY tick and flea bandana. Ticks and fleas are pesky little creatures and they thrive in the heat.

They lay eggs on your dog’s fur which often leads to anaemia, worms, tick fever and many other serious complications. It’s not too difficult to make your own tick/flea bandana. Follow the video below to make your own flea and tick spray to apply on the bandana:

With this bandana, you can begin the New Year with a healthier, happier dog.

So, here are some great ways to make this New Year a little more special for your dog. How do you include your dog in your New Year festivities? Let us know in the comment section. We would love to know your thoughts and ideas.

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