Why Is My Dog Peeing On The Doormat?

why is my dog peeing on the doormat

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Dogs are a blessing to have around but some of their habits are unpleasant to say in the least. Peeing on the doormat and on the furniture is one of them. But why is your dog peeing on the doormat?

There may be two possible scenarios:

  1. Your dog/puppy isn’t fully trained yet. They are still learning toilet habits
  2. Your dog was fully trained but they suddenly took a liking to the doormat

In our experience, the former is not as concerning as the later but we will go over both. Let’s go over both these scenarios so that you can get them off this nasty habit. But first:

Why The Doormat?

Most Indian households are either made with mosaic or white marble flooring. If our dogs have an accident on the floor, it is easier to clean it up and get rid of the smell. The doormat soaks the urine right up and retains the smell.

Their pee contains ammonia and some very strong enzymes that don’t leave even after washing a soakable surface like a doormat. This is probably why your dog chose the doormat. Now, your doormat has become their favourite pee spot!

How Do I Make Them Stop If My Dog Isn’t Fully Trained?

Both puppies and adults can be house trained. With adults, you’ll have to be more persistent and train them for a longer duration.

Here are some steps that will get rid of this habit:

Get Rid Of The Smell

One of the main reasons why they keep peeing on the doormat, again and again, is because they can smell their pee on it. If you remove the scent, it may discourage them.

There are many anti-pee or ‘pee proof’ sprays in the market but you can also make one at home. 

Citrus products like lemons and vinegar also break down enzymes in their urine. The pungent nature of these ingredients irritates their nose and they are far less like to go back to that spot.

2. Increase the number of walks

For the next two to three weeks, walk them after every 2 hours especially if they ate something. Dogs, especially puppies have to pee after a meal. Make sure they get enough time to smell the grass and explore. When they pee outside praise them like they won an award. This will teach them what you want them to do. After they get into a routine, they will start to understand that they should pee and poo outside.

Why Is My Dog Peeing On The Doormat? 1

Increasing the number of walks will also help manage their temper especially during their puppy years.

Ask someone to help you walk them if you have work or school. You can hire professional help or you can ask a family member to help but it is important to have everyone on board and take them out.

3. Have a word for pee

Many people point at the grass and say ‘go pee pee’. It may look incredibly stupid but it works. Eventually, they will understand what that word means and they will pee when you tell them to pee outside.

4. Wait For Them To Ask

Once they started peeing outside and they know the meaning of the word ‘pee-pee’ you can reduce the number of walks. Wait for them to tell you to walk them.

Adult dogs have a larger bladder and will be fine if they go out 3-4 times a day. Once they have their peeing habits under control you should be walking them at least 3-4 times a day for at least fifteen minutes a day. For those of you who have trained their dogs to pee in the bathroom can get away with walking their dog once or twice a day.

5. Make Sure They Never Pee On Doormats Again

If the house training solves the problem it means that your dog either wasn’t trained properly before or they were left in the house for way too long. To make sure they never pee on the rug again you need to be very consistent with their walking habits. 

If you’re not at home for long hours every day, you should either hire someone or keep your dog at a doggy daycare centre with strict instructions.

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution you can teach them how to pee in the bathroom or use pee pads. This involves a separate set of training and a little more patience from your end.

Why Is My House-Trained Dog Peeing On Doormats?

Now, while the most common reason for peeing on the doormat is inadequate training. What happens if your dog never wet the doormat but now, it is their favourite pee spot. Why is that? And how do you make it stop? Let’s find out!

1. Sickness

When dogs have diarrhoea or stomach flu they may have a few accidents inside the house but it tends to resolve as they get better. What happens if your dog is peeing on the doormat even after that?

Do you have a senior dog? If this peeing habit suddenly starts amongst dogs that are 6 years or above, chances are they have an underlying illness. Illnesses like pancreatitis, diabetes or the Cushing’s disease may cause frequent urination. This is often clubbed with other symptoms like hunger, hair loss, weight gain or weight loss, lethargy etc.

If you see any of the above symptoms, you should have a word with your vet and get a blood test. Your doctor will be able to address the condition before it gets any worse.

Really old dogs may also get a weak bladder which may cause them to wet the rug. In this case, you have to be patient with them. You can purchase diapers made especially for old dogs. This will keep the house clean and make it easier for them to relieve themselves.

2. Dominance

This is more common in male dogs that are still intact. They may feel inclined to mark their territory everywhere they go.

Male dogs can also do this more during mating season or if another submissive dog is in the house. 

Proper training is a must in these situations as it may lead to behavioural problems later on. If you are having trouble controlling them or if they are also showing aggression, it may be best to neuter them.

3. Fear/Excitement

Some dogs pee when they are afraid or excited. Every time the doorbell rings, they know something great is going to happen and they get excited. This may be why they pee on the doormat. When they do it once they are more likely to do it again. 

Some dogs never get out of this habit although it does get better when they grow older. You can reduce their tendency to pee out of excitement by taking your dog for a walk right before someone is coming home. 

If they pee before the guests come home, they will feel less inclined to wet the rug.

We hope this article helped. For all the above cases, it is absolutely crucial for you to clean the doormat after each accident to discourage the habit.

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