6 DIY Dog Puzzle Toys

DIY Dog Puzzle Toys

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It’s monsoon and there is a coronavirus lockdown. There’s all the more reason for your dog to get bored around the house. We all know that a bored dog is a naughty dog; especially if they are young and ready to explore.

If their outdoors time is cut by half you can make these DIY dog puzzle toys that are fun, interactive and will keep them on their toes without destructing your favourite shoes.

6 Fun DIY Dog Puzzle Toys

Since these toys are all made from household materials, we would suggest not to leave them alone with these toys. Dogs can accidentally ingest some of these materials while trying to get to the treat.

That being said, some of these games are interactive and takes two to have some fun! So, even if the games are for your pooch, you will also be having a great time.

1. The Shell Game

Young energetic pups may not be able to play this game because they are bursting with energy. In fact, our four-year-old struggles to play the shell game too sometimes.

That being said, the shell game is perfect for dogs that are physically tired out or for older intelligent dogs who need some recreation time too.

Simply take three cups or three bowls. Add a few treats or pellets in one of them and shuffle the bowls and let them choose. Some dogs keep track of the bowl with the treats with their eyes, others smell the bowls to pick up the scent.

Let them take their time at first but as they start to get better, you can make the game more difficult by increasing your shuffling speed or by adding more bowls.

2. Muffin Tins And Tennis Balls

If you have a muffin tin and a few tennis balls at home, this is another fun game that you can play with your dog.

Add a few treats or kibble in each muffin mould and add a tennis ball on top of each mould. When you give it to them, hold on to the edges because some dogs tend to tip it over and get all the treats.

By holding it to the ground, you let your dog think and smell and take out the balls etc. As they get better, you can make the game harder by putting treats in only some of the moulds and not all.

3. The Bottle Spinner Game

We are sure you have seen many videos of the DIY bottle spinner game for dogs. Most people make it out of wood but you can use detachable clothes rack rods as spindles and fix it in a narrow corridor in your house.

Or you can make your own frame with wood. Make sure to use a bottle with a small opening so that it’s challenging for them to get the treat.

You can show them how to get the treats at first, and once they get the hang of it, they can play it on their own.

4. Bottle With Holes

Take any plastic bottle and cut a few small holes in them. Add their favourite kibble inside the bottle. As they role the bottle around, the kibble starts to spill and they have a lot of fun!

You can increase the number and the size of holes to make the game easier for them. If you have a very mouthy dog, it may be best to start with an easier level to make sure that they don’t shred the bottle to pieces to get the treats.

If your dog doesn’t take a second to destroy plastic bottles, you can make the same toy with a PVC pipe. Just be careful not to hurt yourself using a drilling machine.

5. A Box In A Box

Don’t throw away delivery boxes if you can help it. Align the boxes from the biggest to the smallest.

Add treats in each box and put the smaller boxes in the bigger ones. This will become a fun puzzle for dogs and with each round, they will get rewards. You can also make the game more difficult by adding clean towels or paper in the box.

Be careful with dogs that tend to eat cardboard or paper. It’s best to supervise them during this activity. 

6. DIY Snuffle Mat

Snuffle mats allow dogs to find treats/kibble using their strong sense of smell. But instead of buying a snuffle matt (that they may or may not like), you can make one at home.

Homemade snuffle mats are just as good as the store brought ones, and if you make the game interesting, they are going to love to find treats out of their DIY snuffle matt.

So here are some fun DIY brain games that you can play with your dog indoors that they are sure to love! Which one is your favourite? Any have you ever tried any of these before? Let us know how the play session went in the comments section below.

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