I adopted Disney when she was only 4 months old. She had a bad infection on her back paw and it was difficult for her to walk. The monsoon wasn’t helping either.

I made a huge mistake patching her up and keeping her back where I found her. Because the infection got worse on her paws.

So from then on, I kept her in my home. I thought, once her paw heals up, I’ll keep her back on the street. I also tried to find her a good home but no one was willing to adopt a street dog. 

So, I thought if no one adopts her, I’ll have to put her back on the street. I thought it might be best for her. She is a street dog, she will find her way.

This was just a thought that crossed my mind when I first got her in. But then her infection started getting worse. On the third day, she started getting fever so I took her to the vet.

The doctor said she might be getting a toxic shock. They had to do emergency surgery on her and they amputated her hind leg right above the paws. 

It took a few weeks for the stitches to heel and for a few days, her morale was really low. I force-fed her with a syringe because she wasn’t eating on her own. If she didn’t start eating, I knew, recovery will be even harder.

I prayed to God. I said that if Disney becomes fine, I’ll do everything, I’ll even keep her!

I don’t know I guess God listened to my prayers. After 5 days, I saw her looking up for the first time. I gave her mashed up kibble and she ate it! She ate it! It was a miracle!

I kept my promise to God. And after she got strong and healthy, I never left her. It has been 5 years now and she is our healthy, happy Disney. She is always playing, always up to have good food and she loves cuddles.

I don’t think she even knows she doesn’t have a leg.

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