Cherry is our lovely little Labrador mix dog. She just turned 8 years old and we recently celebrated her birthday in January. Cherry is the softest hearted soul in the world! Since she gets along with all other dogs, we invited some of her dog friends.

The other dogs and their owners came and we all enjoyed ourselves. I think it was great to have that celebration in Cherry’s name right before the coronavirus. At least we all got to celebrate her birthday.

Now Cherry spends most of her time at home. Since she is 8 she doesn’t have a lot of energy as she did before. But I think she is always ready to have a good time. She waits for me to get up in the evening. 

She knows that’s her walk time and her playtime, so when it is 5 she starts waiting by my feet. By 5:15 she starts whining and she won’t let me stay seated for longer than 5:30.

Outside, she doesn’t get to meet her dog friends because of the Coronavirus, so I guess she is a little sad. But then we bring her home and we play lots of games with her. Her favourite came these days is finding her blanket.

My niece hides the blanket in the living room and then we bring Cherry in to search for it. It’s a fun game and it keeps both Cherry and my niece entertained. Both are 8 years old and the lockdown isn’t helping them burn their energy.

Having Cherry in our life has been a huge blessing for us. I don’t think we would have been able to survive this social distancing if we didn’t have her. She brights up our entire home and makes us laugh. Without her, I can’t imagine how we would go through this difficult time with a smile on our faces.

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