7 Cheapest Dog Breeds In India

Cheapest dog breeds in india

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Bringing home a dog is exciting, but it is expensive to give them a good life. Deciding which dog breeds in India fit your bill can be a little daunting. Sometimes pet owners don’t realise how much it would cost to feed and groom a dog. The result is a beautiful dog in a shelter. 

So, we have made a list of the 7 cheapest dog breeds in India. Bear in mind that this list does not include the cost of buying a breed but rather a long term calculation of costs – feeding, grooming, toys etc. We hope this gives a better incite on your choice of breed and pushes you towards making the right decision for you and your family.

7. Labrador Retriever


The Labrador retriever is one of the most loved breed around the world. They are charming dogs to have around and many dog lovers start by having a lovely Lab.

Labs are easily trainable and make a wonderful family dog. They’re extremely intelligent and have an alert temperament.

In the long run, you can expect the following expenses:

  1. The Labrador is a highly active breed and needs a lot of exercises. They need a lot of space to run around in and need a lot of toys to keep them entertained. You can keep them in an apartment as long as you take them out on regular walks and play with them. So, time does play a factor here. Some owners aren’t able to meet the exercise needs of their Lab so they hire a walker. 
  2. Health: Labs are prone to certain hereditary problems like eye dysplasia, which causes blind spots in their eyes. If they don’t get enough exercise, they may suffer from hip dysplasia and obesity. Some lineages have also known to suffer from epilepsy and seizures. Their dense coat does attract fleas and ticks during the spring.
  3. Many Labs develop allergies from an early age. Pollen allergies are common among Labs but some of them go on to having meat allergies. This means that you have to plan their meals extensively. Stick to a single meat formula if your dog tends to develop food allergies.
  4. As big dogs, Labs do eat quite a bit. Be prepared to invest in good quality food a few times every month.
  5. Labs have a luscious coat which needs regular brushing. Their coat is not too long to get matted but if you don’t brush them regularly, you can expect a lot of shedding. They shed heavily during autumn and spring so, you can expect a lot of cleaning.
  6. Labradors don’t tolerate heat very well. The Indian summer makes them prone to heat rashes and even heat stroked in severe cases. Be prepared to spend a little extra on air conditioning during the summers.



The Dalmatian is a beautiful breed. Their short-haired gorgeous coat and piercing eyes are impossible to ignore. If you decide to bring one home, you’ll find a loving and loyal companion in them. You should, however, consider the following points before making the final decision.

  1. Dalmatians are intelligent and independent. Finding the right training currency may be tricky, hence they aren’t ideal for first-time owners. If you have experience with stubborn dogs, this should be a walk in the park.
  2. When it comes to Dalmatians, you mostly spend in terms of time They’re an active breed and hence, need a lot of physical activity. Dalmatians need walks, runs and training sessions to keep them nourished. Yes, a few good quality toys would be nice, but they mostly need an energetic pet parent.
  3. The Dalmatians have very basic grooming needs. Bathing, brushing and trimming their nails is all that it takes.
  4. Dalmatians are prone to partial or complete deafness so pay attention to signs of deafness and make sure to get their ears checked every time you take them to the vet.



The Dachshund is an iconic dog breed. They have a long body, tiny legs, and big ears. Their remarkable personality makes them one of the most popular dog breeds in India.

There are little maintenance costs involved with Dashchunds but, like every breed, they do have certain issues which need special attention.

  1. Dachshunds have a long back and are prone to back problems. If they develop disc issues or intervertebral disc disease, you may become a regular at the vet’s clinic. You can solve this by building stairs for them to climb beds and sofas. Stairs will put less pressure on their hips.
  2. They’re easy to train and often an ideal choice for first-time pet owners
  3. The Dashchunds found commonly in India belong to the short-haired variety. They don’t need to be brushed as such. Bathing requirements are minimal. However, since their body is so close to the ground, they are prone to fleas and ticks. Be extra careful during flea and tick season. You should spend 15 minuted after every walk to check for fleas and ticks.
  4. Dachshunds are active dogs but don’t need strenuous physical exercise. Taking them for walks once or twice a day is usually enough to keep them healthy.



Beagles are one of the most adorable dogs ever. They have a cute little face with big eyes. If your heart is set on a Beagle, here are some things you need to know about their maintenance costs.

  1. They have minimal grooming requirements. Beagles love to be brushed but since they have a short coat, they don’t require a whole lot of brushing. They are easy to train and will not put up a fight when you clip their nails, brush their teeth and clean their ears
  2. This is a hyperactive dog breed; they are very curious about their surroundings. Make sure you start to train them early and give them a lot of exercise
  3. Apart from regular vaccinations, Beagles don’t need to go to the vet. They are generally in good health

Shih Tzu

shih tzu

Shih Tzus are wonderful companion dogs. They’re affectionate, happy and outgoing house dogs. This breed is good for first-time dog owners because they are calm laid back dogs.

  1. Their tolerance for cold weather is high but they don’t fare well in extreme heat. It’s always better to keep Shih Tzus in cooler Indian cities, but if you do live in warmer regions, be prepared to spend a little on air conditioning during the summers.
  1. They are easy to train
  2. Although generally healthy, they can be prone to certain health conditions like food allergies, hip dysplasia and bladder infections. You should take them to the vet for regular checkups and timely vaccinations to make sure they are healthy.
  3. Getting a Shih Tzu professionally groomed is quite trendy, but you can groom them at home as well. Their coat needs to be brushed every day. Spend time to check for fleas and ticks during the changing season.



Chihuahuas are loyal, charming, confident and active. They have a round apple head, and expressive eyes. Their coats come in various colours. In India, we often find the short coat variety in abundance but the long-coated Chihuahua is also gaining some popularity over the recent years.

Here’s what it’s like to have a Chihuahua at home:

  1. Short-haired Chihuahuas are easy to groom. Long-haired Chihuahuas need to be brushed at least twice every week, but other than that, their grooming needs are pretty basic – bathing, brushing and nail clipping
  2. As small dogs, they eat very little throughout the day
  3. These little dogs can live for 16 years and are generally in good health. They are prone to some health issues like hypoglycemia and teeth & gum issues. Take them for regular checkups to make sure that they’re as healthy as they can be.

Pariah Dog

indian pariah

The Indian Pariah dogs are perhaps one of the easiest dogs to take care of. Originating from India, they can adapt to any Indian weather, so you need not think twice before bringing one home. They are usually good with kids and are protective companions.

This dog is one of the cheapest to take care of because of the following reasons-

  1. Since they’re native to India, they can tolerate the Indian summer as well as winter without much difficulty. They are less likely to fall sick, hence they don’t increase vet bills
  2. Grooming them is a piece of cake. They have short hair which doesn’t require brushing every day. Bathing them once every two weeks is enough. You should pay attention to their nails and dental hygiene.
  3. Since they have shorter hair, they are also less likely to get fleas and ticks.
  4. These dogs have a lot of energy so the only thing you need to invest in is time. Give them time, play with them, love them and they will grow into lovely family members.

When you bring a dog home, you automatically become their caregiver. It is important to know about their needs and places where you might end up investing in. It’s important to outline how much you are willing to spend every month so that you can bring home the right breed for you.

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