Can Dogs Eat These Fruits?

It’s not easy being a dog parent. We want to love and pamper them just as much as we pamper our human kids but how do we know what is good for them? Some food items like raisins are perfectly fine for us and poisonous for our dogs. Some of us are so scared of feeding anything harmful to our dogs that we completely steer clear from every fruit and vegetables and only feed them dog food/treats. Though there is nothing wrong with this approach, there are certain fruits that are safe for them in small quantities. We have compiled a few food items that confuse us the most.

Can dogs eat the following food items? Well let’s find out…


Bananas are sweet and high in calorie. So, the question arises- can dogs have bananas? They can! Most dogs go bananas for bananas! This is why they work as perfect treats for training or for the summer. But remember, treats should never exceed 10% of the dog’s daily intake. Since bananas are high in calories you should follow the 10% rule to the T. If you give your dog an entire banana (given that you have a big dog), you must hold back on other treats. Also make sure that you feed them small pieces of banana rather than a large portion. If they swallow too much at once, it can get stuck in their throat.


Since they are low calorie and high fibre snacks, apples often make for better treats than bananas. However, remember to peel off the skin and remove the pits before giving it to them. They are packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber and protein which is why they make for a perfect treat option for older dogs that are unable to digest too much protein. It also naturally cleans their teeth and keeps it germ free.


Indian summers mean mangoes! It is the only good thing that comes out of it. But is it good for your pooch as well? Technically, mangoes are not that bad for them. They can enjoy a piece or two with you on a hot sunny day. Do remember to peel off the skin and remove the seeds. Mango skin usually does not cause any harm to them but it is to digest and may result to diarrhoea. So, it’s always better to do without the skin.

When giving your dog mangoes, you must keep in mind that these fruits are difficult to digest and are very sweet so, even if your dog loves it, keep the intake to an absolute minimum. Avoid overly ripe mangoes as they may cause indigestion.


Small portions of papaya can be quite beneficial to your dog. You can give it to them as a probiotic. Always remember to leave out the seeds and the skin, as with any other fruit. Some use papaya as a medicine, that gives dogs a boost of beneficial bacteria in their system!


This fruit is an absolute no no for dogs! Never give your dog grapes – not even a small amount. Earlier, people used grapes as treats but recent studies suggest that this little fruit can cause a lot more damage to canines than good. Grapes and raisins are toxic for dogs and even a small amount can cause vomiting and diarrhoea. In severe cases it might cause renel failure and even death! Never leave them unsupervised around raisins and inform visitors and children not to offer grapes to your dogs.


Though most fruits are fine for dogs – some are even beneficial – we must keep in mind that quantity is key. Dogs are not made to digest large quantities of fruit and some dogs cannot digest even a small amount of it. Make sure you introduce dog safe fruits in small quantities and wait a few days for them to show any affect. If your canine is doing fine after having a small amount you can give it to them occasionally. Never give them too much fruits. By no means should it fill them up and make them less interested for their main meal.

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Dheepakh Rajaram

Dheepakh Rajaram

A dog food enthusiast & Co-founder @Goodness Pet Food

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