10 Calmest Dog Breeds In India

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Are you looking for a new dog? Usually, the best breeds for novice pet owners are calm dogs. Now, keep in mind that calm dogs are not ‘calm’ all the time but they have certain predictable reactions to different situations that make it easy to handle them.

10 Calmest Dogs Breeds In India

There are many calm dog breeds around the world, like the Clumber Spaniel and the Pekinese, but in this list, we will talk about calm dog breeds that are quite abundant in India.

So, which are the 10 calmest dog breeds in India? They are listed below. The calmest breeds are listed last on the list, so be sure to stick till the end!

1. Greyhound

grey hound

Greyhounds have a very ancient majestic appearance. They are an old breed and was in fact praised by the great Cleopatra herself.

Greyhounds are the fastest dogs in the world so they need a family that is willing to give them adequate exercise every day. If they are raised in the right environment with good food and enough workout, they will grow into goofy, easy-going, calm and gentle dogs.

They are affectionate with their loved ones and if given enough exercise they love hanging out with other dogs as well. Greyhounds are wary of strangers but they aren’t exceptionally reactive. If they are in a situation with many strangers, they will stick to the people they love and trust.

2. Rampur Hound

Rampur hound
Source: Nattu Madu Photo Gallery

Rampur Hound is perhaps the most docile Indian dog breed. They love children and other dogs but they aren’t the best with smaller animals because of their high prey drive. So, it may not be the best to keep them with other small animals.

If you plan to bring home a calm Indian dog, the Rampur Hound may be the best option for you. However, bear in mind that they are large dogs and, bred from the Greyhound, they have immense energy. This means that they need to be exercised for at least an hour every day. It’s ideal to have a Rampur Hound only if you have a lawn and can give them enough running space.

3. St. Bernard

st bernard

Saint Bernards are not as common in India but you can see them now and again in metropolitan cities. They are big dogs perfect for the winters and despite their huge size, they tend to maintain a very calm demeanour.

St. Bernards love to be around kids and are usually quite gentle when raised in an optimum environment.

4. Golden Retriever

golden retriever

Golden Retrievers are one of the most friendly breeds in India and it’s very popular as well. Many first-time pet parents keep Golden Retrievers because they are calm around new people, pets and children.

Golden Retrievers have a very calm demeanour but that does not mean they should not be exercised. These dogs have been classified as work dogs which means that they have a lot of energy. If a Golden Retriever does not get their required amount of mental and physical stimulation in the day, they can make a mess at home.

Golden Retrievers are also very prone to separation anxiety so make sure you start training them early and get them accustomed with being alone. They are very intelligent dogs, always eager to please, which means that, if you make an effort, they will gladly meet you halfway.

5. Labrador


Here is another super popular breed. It is perhaps the most popular breed in India. Labradors are big dogs but they are known for their gentle calm attitude. They usually know when the person in front of them is weak or fragile and they’re very likely to be gentle with them.

They are also quick to learn and if taught well, they can stay calm for long hours in a day. Labradors are not known to be aggressive, but then again, any dog that hasn’t been given adequate training, food and socialization periods can become aggressive.

Labradors are calm and exceptionally social if they receive adequate training, good nutrition and bonding periods so make sure you are prepared for long walks and lots of budding time with your Lab.

6. Great Dane

great dane

Here’s another giant breed that always reminds us that looks can be deceiving. Great Danes are the tallest dog breed but they are also very gentle towards people and other dogs and are perhaps the perfect representation of the phrase ‘gentle giant’.

They don’t need a lot of exercises but because of their size, a small house may not be the best for them. That being said, Great Danes can live in an apartment if you can walk them twice a day and give them a light to moderate workout.

Puppy Danes are usually a little hyper just like any other puppy, but because of their giant size, they need to be trained early to prevent them from knocking people over with all their puppy excitement.

7. French Bulldog

french bulldog

French Bulldog is the 4th most popular breed in the world but is yet to have the same response in India. However, there are a few families in India who have the French Bulldog and over the last 2 years, they have started to gain popularity in India.

French Bulldogs are known to have quite a personality but in most cases, they are very calm around people and other dogs. They are fun, easy-going and always up for a good time.

8. Cocker Spaniel 

Cocker Spaniels are the most popular Spaniel breed in India. They are known for their long ears, furry bodies and a calm laid back demeanour.

They are medium-sized dogs hence they’re exceptionally popular in India as most live in apartments.

If trained well Cocker Spaniels are ideal as therapy dogs. They are intelligent and quick to learn but they are never good with harsh training methods. If you have children in the house it is very important to teach them not to be rough with these dogs as they prefer a gentle touch.

Cocker Spaniels were bred to sniff out drugs so they are at their best if they have a dog. It is very important to give them a lot of energy outlets and make sure they are exercised mentally and physically.

9. English Bulldog

english bulldog

The English Bulldog has been made to look like a big mean dog, but looks can be deceiving and the English Bulldog is indeed a very calm and docile breed. They have a lot of personalities and tend to create a very strong bond with their owners.

They also love to be around other people and other dogs and they rarely show aggression towards anything. Some pet owners have even labelled the English Bulldog as the laziest dog. Usually a small walk twice a day will be enough for them.

They do love attention from their owners but are usually exceptionally calm dogs who are really just looking around to have a good time.

10. Pug


We all can always recognise a Pug from the crowd. Even those who don’t own or aren’t interested in dogs can tell a Pug apart from the rest. 

These little canines are full of personality! They may be a little stubborn but they are rarely ever aggressive. They love being around people, kids and other dogs and perhaps the best dog to have around in a party.

Pugs enjoy a few walks here and there but they don’t need a lot of exercises, hence they make for the perfect companion dogs.

So, here’s our list of the calmest dog breeds. Some dogs are of course calmer than others but they are all exceptional dogs. That being said, all the breeds on this list can unleash their calmest behaviours if they are living in an optimal environment. This means that they should have the required amount of exercise, good food and a lot of love from their owners. Only then can they become the gentle souls they are meant to be.

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