Top 6 Best Pet Blogs In India

best pet blogs in India

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The social media revolution connected people all over the world. It has helped pet parents find like-minded people online as well. Earlier, we compiled a list of the best dog blogs in India – the pioneers of connectivity among dog parents in India. In this article, we want to cover more than dogs because you don’t need to be a dog to win a person’s heart. 

So, here are the best pet blogs in India.

1. Kaivalaya’s Ani-mall

Kaivalaya’s Ani-mall is a beautiful, informative blog about animals. From Arowana fish to taking care of an English hound, they have it all.

Their blogs circle around current topics and while they do provide us with a lot of information, their articles follow a heavy emotional undertone. For instance, their “Red-eared turtle ban in India” tells us how these beautiful baby turtles are imported to India. The article follows a heavy emotional undertone and we can immediately understand that the writer feels deeply for these animals.

Other blogs like “Death of a pet”, help pet parents come to terms with the loss. Because, we do grieve the loss of a loved one. Loving a pet is a complex emotion that most non-pet owners cannot understand. At moments like these, we need a loving hand to support us through the process – Kaivalaya’s Ani-mall offers you that hand.

2. Dog with Blog

We have listed Dog with Blog in our article for the best dog blogs in India, but, since they do cover articles about pets in general, we felt it was important to mention them in this section as well.

Their content is story-based intended to captivate their readers. Once you start reading a story, you just cannot stop!

Along with being entertaining, they also publish information about animal shelters and adoption centres. Love speaks through all their articles and that is why we love them so much!

If you want to be a part of an Indian pet community that is genuine and heartwarming, the Dog Blog is the place to be!

3. Wag Brag

Wag Brag is a sub-blog category in Dog Spot. They usually publish the personal experiences of other pet parents. Because no one can say it better than a pet parent. They mostly cover content on cats and dogs.

best pet blogs in India
Photo taken from Wag Brag

Some of their articles are really uplifting. Pet parents love to read heroic stories of different pets. Which is why the story about 6 heroic dogs was well received by the pet community. The dogs mentioned in this article have fought snakes, called 911 and swam to save a drowning victim. It’s an incredible article featuring incredible dogs.

4. Princely Paws

Princely Paws publishes content on almost every topic from training and grooming pets to personal stories of pet parents, how they have grown attached to their pets.

Over recent years we haven’t heard a whole lot from princely paws. They have a good storage of articles however our only complaint is that the load time for each page is very slow. We really hope this isn’t the end of Princely Paws and we hope to hear from them very soon!

5. Name Place Animal Thing

Name Place Animal Thing is a very diverse blog for various topics. The name Name Place Animal Thing is very suitable for them because they do cover topics about travel, parenting and much more. 

We have however included the Animal section in our rating. Though they cover a vast range of topics they are top-notch with their pet-related content. 

Their articles are usually short and heavy on pictures and it mostly talks about the sheer experience of owning pets.

6. Animal Science and Veterinary Care

By reading the name Animal Science and Veterinary Care, you’d automatically assume their articles focus on all kinds of animals but rather they focus greatly on birds. This website is great for first-time bird owners.

Our only complaint about them is that they do not have a lot of articles. However, we hope that will change soon. We wish them all the very best!


The huge variety of pet blogs available today have made people more aware of pet care, truths about having a pet as well as raised awareness about animal abuse and adoption. 

In fact, pet blogs have inspired so many of us to adopt a dog and do the right thing. Thanks to these lovely blog owners, a pet parent’s world is not as dark as it used to be!

Do you have a favourite blog? Let’s keep the conversation going in the comment section below. Let’s share and promote all these lovely blogs.

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About Dheepakh

Dheepakh is a dedicated pet parent. His love for his dogs turned him into a pet food enthusiast. He has dedicated all his life to understand pet food nutrition and is eager to learn everyday.

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  1. Sumit Sharma

    Great Stuff, I am a regular visitor of Kaivalaya’s Ani-Mall. They covers pin point details. I love their work.

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