7 Best Guard Dogs In India

best guard dogs in India

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Dogs are wonderful to have around the house. Not only are they loving and devoted pets, but they can also turn to dedicated protectors if their loved ones are in danger. Certain dog breeds in India are kept to guard family members and properties.

7 Best Guard Dogs In India

We compiled a list of the best guard dogs in India. The list begins with the seventh-best guard dog and ends with the best guard dog. So, make sure you stick around till the end!

7. Boxer



The Boxer is one of the most popular guard dogs in India. Blessed with a solid build and strong jaws, they excel in capturing prey. They have a large body and a bulky head with ears that droop right at the tips. Many crop their Boxer’s ears to make them look a little more ferocious, but we think they look perfect with their natural ears.

This breed is easy to train and are kind by nature. They’re also used as guide dogs for blind people.

Boxers are energetic creatures and love to play around. Being an active breed, they make for wonderful guard dogs.

Breed Information-

  • Breed Group- Guard Dogs
  • Size- Medium dog breeds
  • Life span- 9 -12 years
  • Personality- Intelligent, Calm, Playful, Obedient, Friendly, Loyal, Energetic, Fearless
  • Height- Male: 22–25 inches; Female: 24 inches
  • Weight- Male: 30–34 kg; Female: 23–27 kg
  • Colours- Brindle, Fawn, White


  • Can be a little willful
  • Need a lot of exercise on a daily basis because they’re active dogs
  • Can’t be left alone for long periods of time
  • Great at alerting their owners in case of an intrusion
  • Can be a little difficult to train, especially for first-time owners
  • Don’t do well in extreme temperatures
  • Be prepared to manage your home’s temperature for their comfort
  • As big dogs, they need high amounts of premium quality food

6. Bullmastiff



Along with being adorable, this guard dog is intelligent, well built and has a delightful, laid back personality. Popular for being a protector and a perfect companion for their owners, they are active and agile, making them perfect for chasing and hauling.

The Bullmastiff is often used as a therapy dog because of their joyful temperament. They settle into families easily because of their lively, gentle nature.

Being gentle by nature towards their family makes them equally fierce against any intruders. A male bullmastiff weighs up to 150 pounds, so, tackling a full-grown human is a piece of cake for them. This is why training from an early age is very important.

Breed Information

  • Breed Group- Guard dog breeds
  • Size- Large
  • Life span- 8-10 years
  • Personality- Alert, Brave, Devoted, Docile, Firm, Calm, Reserved, Protective, Kind, Lovable, loyal
  • Height- Male: 25–27 inches; Female: 24–26 inches
  • Weight- Male: 50–59 kg; Female: 45–54 kg
  • Colours- Tabby, Grayish Brown, and Red


  • Socialization and training must start early otherwise they might become aggressive
  • Prone to hereditary health concerns like skin problems, hypothyroidism, hip dysplasia
  • Shed heavily all year round.
  • Known to drool quite a bit.
  • Not suitable for first-time owners.

5. Great Dane

great dane


The Great Dane is a remarkable dog; it’s strong and stands tall against their enemies. They’re also very clever, quick and fiercely loyal. Being fearless and ruthless when it comes to a fight makes them a great guard dog.

In the right hands, they can become obedient guard dogs and a loyal companion to their owners.

The Great Dane’s large size is enough to intimidate any intruder. They’re really social and gentle when around familiar people. This blend of gentle and fierce makes them one of the most popular guard dogs in India.

Breed information

  • Breed Group- Working dog
  • Size- Large
  • Life span- 6 -12 years
  • Personality- Friendly, Gentle, Reserved, Devoted, Loving, Confident.
  • Height- Male: 30–34 inches; Female: 28–32 inches
  • Weight- Male: 54–90 kg; Female: 45–59 kg
  • Colours- Fawn, Brindle, Black, Blue, Mantle, Harlequin


  • As large dogs, they need enough space to stretch
  • Great Danes drool quite a lot
  • They suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for long periods of time
  • Their large size makes them prone to certain health problems and can reduce their lifespan

4. Bully Kutta

bully kutta

Indian Mastiffs, better known as Bully Kutta are large, strong guard dogs originating from North India. Bullys are one of the most popular guard dog breeds in India for various reasons.

They’re solidly built and tough by nature. Being natives, they’re well-versed with the Indian climate and flourish in it.

Training them to protect their owners is easy. They are resilient, broad-headed and muscular with high stamina.

The Bully Kutta is intelligent, loyal, protective and is well known for their indisputable fighting instincts.

Breed Information

  • Size- Large
  • Life span8 – 10 years
  • Personality- Loyal, intelligent, devoted, aggressive, protective
  • Height- Male: 81 – 89 cm; Female: 71 – 81 cm.
  • Weight- Male: 70–90 kg; Female: 70–90 kg.
  • Colour- Black, White, Brindle, Fawn, Red, Harlequin


  • Don’t do well in small spaces.
  • Not good with children and can be hostile towards other animals. If you have children in the house, make sure to bring them as young puppies and train them early.
  • Can be difficult to train and need an experienced owner and trainer.

3. Rottweiler



Rottweilers are calm and committed by nature if they have enough energy outlets throughout the day. Since they are physically active, a good workout session may last up to one to two hours. 

They are popular guard dogs in India and can give their life for their owner.

Rottweilers are great companions to their owner but are often hostile towards strangers; a quality every good guard dog should have.

Known for being quick learners, physically strong and extremely fast runners. They are remarkable dogs with a robust body. Their coat is short, thick and straight and does not require a whole lot of grooming.

Breed information

  • Breed Group- Working dog breeds
  • Size- Medium to Large
  • Life span- 9-10 years
  • Personality- Alert, Committed, Self-confident, Strong, Brave, Calm, Obedient, Valiant
  • Height- Male: 24–27 inches; Female: 22–25 inches.
  • Weight-Male: 43–59 kg; Female: 38–52 kg.
  • Colors-Tan, Mahogany, and Black


  • Cannot tolerate extreme temperature
  • Have a bark loud
  • Prone to obesity and hence, need a lot of daily exercises

2. German Shepherd

german shepherd


The German Shepherd is intelligent and fiercely loyal to their owners. It’s known for many qualities, like their majestic looks, strength and versatility.

Shepherds are popularly taken in the police and military services in India because they sniff out threats within seconds. They’re described as large, muscular dogs, gentle with their family and immensely courageous protectors— unafraid to put themselves in danger to save a loved one.

They have a double coat in which the outer one sheds every year. So, be prepared to do some cleaning, especially during the shedding season.

German shepherds need consistent training for them to develop into strong and effective guard dogs.

Breed Information

  • Breed Group-Herding dog breeds
  • Size- Large
  • Life Span -7-10 years
  • Personality- Intelligent, Gentle, Placid, Outgoing, Agile
  • Height-Male: 24–26 inches; Female: 22–24 inches.
  • Weight-Male 22–40 kg; Female: 22–40 kg.
  • Colours- Normally tan with black saddle


  • Prone to separation anxiety
  • Must be trained as early as possible.

1. Doberman


Dobermans are medium-sized dogs with a solid built. They have a slender body which makes them very agile. Their short and dense coat does not require a lot of grooming. Since they are easy to train, they are the perfect low maintenance guard dogs – perfect for the Indian environment.

The Doberman is known to be smart, intelligent and energetic, and completely prepared for military & police work, and as a great companion.

These pups are really social by nature. They’re sensitive and wary of strangers – just what we need in a guard dog. It’s no surprise that they’re the most popular guard dog breed in India.

Dobermans are sensitive to cold so, make sure to give them extra protection during the winter months.

  • Breed Information- Breed Group-Working dog breeds
  • Size- Large
  • Life span- 10 to 14 years
  • Personality- Intelligent, Obedient, Alert, Energetic, Loyal, Brave
  • Height-Male: 12 to 14 inch; Female: 12 to 14 inch.
  • Weight- Male: 34–45 kg; Female: 27–41 kg.
  • Colours- Grayish Brown, Red, Black, White, and Blue


  • They can be destructive if not properly trained from an early age


We have different reasons to get a dog. If you want a guard dog in India, please do your research. Dogs that have a tendency to guard can be great pets. However, since they are big dogs, with a lot of energy, and a high prey drive, you need to find productive ways to channelise that energy and turn them into the amazing dogs they are known to be.

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