How to Pick The Best Dog Food In India

The best dog food in india

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Dogs are an integral part of our families, and we only want the best for them. Sometimes, it takes a lot of effort to provide our pups with the best dog food. Picking the best dog food in India from the plethora of options can be difficult.

A lot of factors affect your dog’s health. For instance, their surroundings should have an impact on their diet. A dog living in the US may have different needs when compared to an Indian dog. So, how do we decide which are the best dog food brands in India? Let’s find out!

Why Invest in The Best Dog Food in India?

Our dogs depend on us for everything. To be a good dog owner, we must feed our dogs the best dog food available to us. Buying good quality dog food can often create a dent in our wallets, especially when we have to import them from another country. Let’s not forget the variety of dog food brands available in India and why you should consider investing in them.

1. Price and Durability

Whenever you walk down a dog food aisle, you’ll find a range of products like wet dog food, dry dog food, organic dog food, etc. Their prices vary just as much.

Instead of judging by the price, check if their quality is up to the mark. The product must include all the essential nutrients extracted from trustworthy sources.

It is tempting to buy cheap dog food, but compromising with your dog’s nourishment isn’t worth it. Also, note that cheaper dog food finishes fast because you need to feed your dog more of it to match their nutritional needs. So, in the long run, cheap and premium quality dog food proves to have the same expense.

2. Research

Before buying any dog food, study how and what was used to make the dog food. You’ll often find that the kibble is made of sub-grade materials like roadkill and products that are too rotten for human consumption.

Many companies use animal ‘by-product’ to make dog food. By-product refers to parts of the meat that we deem unfit for human consumption. They include anything from, feathers, beaks, faecal waste etc.

3. The Calorie Count Isn’t Enough

Every dog food packet must contain a nutrition label. The label mentions the number of calories consumed per serving. But counting calories isn’t enough. You must make sure that your preferred dog food is not just loaded with fillers and corn-starch but contains the essential vitamins and minerals your dog needs to be healthy.

So, instead of just looking at calories, read the ingredients label carefully. A good dog food company will name all the meat they use in the recipe. They will be honest with you because they have nothing to hide.

4. Breed And Brand

Different breeds of dogs require a different combination of nutrients. For instance, Labradors are prone to hip dysplasia, so their food must contain enough calcium.

Good dog food will mention who benefits the most from their recipes. Some companies produce breed-specific products while other companies tell you if their products are suitable for large dogs or small dogs etc.

The market is full of dog food brands that cater exclusively to your dog. Do some research and get in touch with your vet to figure out which recipes are ideal for your dog.

How to Pick The Best Dog Food In India

Any dog food can suit your dog as long as it has all the necessary vitamins and minerals. But how do you know which dog food is suitable for them?

Here are a few simple steps to pick the most suitable brand for your furry friend.

1. Learn to read the label

Most dog food brands in India claim to provide a “complete and balanced diet”, but that isn’t always true.

To pick the Best Dog Food in India, you must read the label. Here’s why:

Go through each ingredient mentioned on the packet. A good product will provide you with clear labels. They will not only name each meat, each fruit, vegetable etc. but they won’t use any harmful chemicals, artificial flavours and additives.

Premium dog food brands contain the required amounts of fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals and lower amounts of fillers like grains and roughage.

2. Check the expiration dates-

Always check the expiration date before purchasing dog food. Dog food brands add (artificial or natural) preservatives to increase the product’s shelf-life. That doesn’t mean they don’t have an expiration date.

Good dog food companies use natural preservatives. Hence, they don’t have extended expiration dates. Usually, if a product expires after 6 – 12 months from its’ manufacture, it’s a good product. Brands that use synthetic preservatives will sell products that last for more than 3 – 4 years!

Needless to say, dog food past its expiration date can cause many health hazards. The proteins and essential fats disintegrate after the expiration date, leading to decay.

3. Does The Product Contain Artificial Colours and Flavours?

Most dog food companies add artificial colours and flavours to increase shelf life and enhance the taste. These additives can be harmful.

Some companies would add artificial flavours to compensate for the inferior quality ingredients. They add artificial colours to make the product look more appealing than it is. Most of these synthetic colours and flavours harm their digestive system and reduce their immunity

Last year, Petco declared that they will no longer sell pet food with artificial colours and flavours. It’s indeed a lovely gesture to ensure pet safety. But we will only see significant changes in the industry when leading pet food companies stop using artificial colours and flavours


The bottom line here is that your dog’s health is a top priority. He should enjoy the food that keeps him healthy.

The dog food must satisfy your dog’s nutritional needs. You do not need to purchase the most expensive dog food, but, if you follow the simple steps mentioned above, you can definitely find them the best dog food in India.

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About Dheepakh

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