Bella is our four-year-old mix breed. I know everyone says their dog is the best and like I know that we all have valid reasons to think they are the best.

I personally think that Bella is the best thing that ever happened to me. She is very sweet and very calm that I mean she can easily become a therapy dog.

Both I and my husband have long work hours and at first, we weren’t sure if we could keep her alone for so long. Luckily my office is near so I can come home during lunchtimes to check on her feed her, play with her etc. My husband comes home early during the evenings and I come a little later.

I think apart from having a few accidents at home, she has never caused us any problems. Now, of course, we are working from home and I don’t think there is anyone happier, with this situation than Bella.

She likes everyone and she never gets into fights or anything. I honestly haven’t seen her angry side, ever!

She loves children, dogs, cats! I am yet to find a person she doesn’t like. Bella also enjoys the water. I think there is a Labrador somewhere inside her blood because she loves the water. There is a lake behind our house and she has jumped into it a few times. 

We had to pull her out because during the monsoons there have been Gharial spottings in the lake. Now I always leash her and before the lockdown we used to drive her to the doggie swimming pool a few kilometres away from home.

Now Bella is a little sad that we don’t have visitors in our home. But it’s okay, after the lockdown, walks will resume as usual. 

For now, she spends more time in the home. I think she is happier now that we are home all the time. 

We are looking forward to the lockdown ending so that we can take her out again to her favourite swimming pool.

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