Dheepakh Rajaram

A dog food enthusiast & Co-founder @Goodness Pet Food


Ebony looks a lot like a wolf. She has pointed ears and very shiny fur. Sometimes she stocks birds and she really looks like a wolf trying to catch prey. But other than her striking looks, she is actually a big sweetheart. She loves to be around people. Her favourite person in the world is …

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There are times when I feel very low and Rani is always by my side. Rani is a beautiful furry girl and we are all so lucky to have her. I think I am fine because of her. A few years back I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and the doctor suggested that I …

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Bella is our four-year-old mix breed. I know everyone says their dog is the best and like I know that we all have valid reasons to think they are the best. I personally think that Bella is the best thing that ever happened to me. She is very sweet and very calm that I mean …

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People say that cats are not affectionate. Those people have probably never met a cat or they are lying. And I get it, cats aren’t trusting from the first go but if you have ever kept a kitten, and watched them grow into an adult cat, you’d know how sweet they really are. If you …

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I adopted Disney when she was only 4 months old. She had a bad infection on her back paw and it was difficult for her to walk. The monsoon wasn’t helping either. I made a huge mistake patching her up and keeping her back where I found her. Because the infection got worse on her …

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Pongo the Pug. It has a ring to it. That’s why, when we got our Pug we had to name him Pongo and every day since, he loves up to his name. Pongo loves to play. He is a bit of a cartoon. His favourite game is to chase soap bubbles. I brought a soap …

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