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Making Pet Food With Nothing To Hide!

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We Have Fun, But We Take Food Seriously

Goodness is an independent family-run natural pet food business established to provide pet parents with natural and nutritionally complete pet food. We offer a range of healthy grain-based, low grain and grain-free recipes at an affordable price.

Our dogs are like children, and it is important for every pet parent to find out what goodness is made of.

Don't Feed Them Anything You Wouldn't Want To Eat!

We aim to provide a complete nutrition with different meat ranges like Chicken, salmon, sardine and lamb at an affordable price.

Quality lies at the front of our brand and we guarantee goodness with every purchase. Our approach has always been to educate our clients and support them with their decisions. We hope you and your dogs enjoy our food and become a part of the Goodness family.

If you could sum up our brand in one word, it’s “GOODNESS”. Don’t believe us? Ask your dog! After talking to a bunch of our customers we learned that their dogs respond to Goodness as mentioned below:

Week 1: Excitement at meal time and more energy

Week 2: Smaller stools, better breath

Week 4: Soft, shiny coat and less shedding

Month 3: Weight goals reached, improved stamina

Month 9: Fewer vet visits, happier and healthier pets!

The Change You Can See For Yourself!

We don’t need to make this up. Give it a try and become a fan!

100% Human Grade

Not Just A Slogan, That's Our Standard.

Goodness is perhaps the only online dog food brand in India that provides an array of meals to choose from. Meat varieties like salmon, sardines, chicken, lamb etc, are primary products in our recipes. Our recipes are high quality, tasty and affordable at the same time. You wouldn’t have to invest more in natural dog food.
Because It Matters

Quality: At The Heart Of Goodness

We partnered with the best farmers from Australia to provide us with superior crops and produce.

Premium Ingredients

All our ingredients are sourced from Australia – from the folks we trust. Just the good stuff!

Premium Protein

All our protein – Chicken, salmon, sardines, lamb and eggs are carefully selected for the recipes.

Premium Food

The end result is a bowl full of goodness that you can give your dogs with pride.


Featuring Stories of Healthy, Happy and Thriving Pets!

The Goodness Pet Food® True Stories are real life events and information about pets, shared by our customers. Read some amazing rescue stories, transformation stories and funny memories of our beloved fur babies in their parents’ own words.


Hero is our heart; he makes us so happy. But, we struggle to make him happy during meal times. He is picky and it’s hard to find healthy food that he likes. After finding Goodness pet food, we can finally say that we make him happy too!

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