9 Worst Food Items For Dogs

9 Worst Food Items For Dogs

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Dogs and humans have different systems and therefore what might be good for us, can be exceptionally harmful for your dog. In severe cases, high consumption of some of the food items mentioned below can even cause death! This is why we urge you to take precaution and keep these edibles far and away from your dogs. Inform children and guests that they should not share the below listen food items with your dog. Here are 9 worst food items for dogs.

Worst Table Food For Dogs

We have made is a list of edibles you should never give your dog. The list starts from the least harmful to the most harmful ingredients. So, stick around and read the article till the end.


Dogs require 0.03% salt and this comes to them naturally from any dog food they consume on a daily basis. Salt does not cause any immediate damage to them and is not as dangerous as other products on the list. High quantities of salt will lead to excessive thirst, vomiting and even depression. Usually the only time dogs get a hand full of salt in their mouth is when they go to the beach and end up drinking a lot of sea water. If this happens to your dog, take them to the side and allow them fresh water after every 30 minutes. Please let them vomit the excess salt/salt water as it is their body’s natural ability to expel toxins.

Sugary Snacks

Sugary snacks aren’t good for humans either but its effect on dogs are much more severe. It is one of those food items on the list that will not cause immediate problems but prolonged consumption can cause obesity and diabetes – both of which shortens their life significantly. The effects are grave because of their size. So, the next time you want to share your pastry with them, offer them a dog friendly treat instead.

Onion And Garlic

While there is nothing wrong with ingesting a tiny amount of garlic occasionally, both garlic and onion, can destroy the red blood cells and lead to anemia. An accidental taste of it should not harm them but consuming an exceptionally large amount of it in one day or small amounts on a daily basis can lead to poisoning.

Cat Food

There is a reason why cat food is for cats and dog food for dogs. Small amounts of it will not cause immediate problems to the dog but if taken regularly it can cause kidney dysfunction and other healthy problems. Cat food has a much higher protein content than dog food and therefore prolonged intake can mess up their system. So keep the cat food for cats and dog food for dogs and do not swap.


Now xylitol is not exactly a food item but it something that you find in everyday food items like honey and peanut butter. It is used in human food as a sweetener. Though it might not have major effects on us, xylitol is toxic for dogs. While honey and peanut butter is not directly harmful, varieties that contain xylitol can harm your dogs. So, make sure you go through the ingredients before purchasing peanut butter or honey.

Sweet Drinks

Any kind of aerated drinks or sweet juices are very harmful for dogs. Not only does the high sugar content cause severe health hazards, but the carbon dioxide in aerated drinks can make their stomach twist, or lead to siezures, heart failures and ultimately, death!

Grapes And Raisins

Grapes and raisins were earlier used as treats until it was discovered that this tiny fruit can actually cause kidney failure. Veterinarians are yet to discover the particular element in grapes that cause dogs to become so sick. The effects are so severe that even a small quantity can upset their stomach. Symptoms of grapes and raisin consumption includes oral ulcers, seizures, coma and death.


Chocolates, especially dark chocolates are one of the worst things you can give your dog. Not only because it contains caffeine, but because it has theobromin and theophylline both of which is damaging for your dog. It can lead to severe health hazards like nervous damage and severe vomiting, panting and diarrhea. Even a small slab of chocolate can poison your dog, especially if they are small breeds. Dogs usually beg for chocolate but it is one food item you have to be stern about. Never allow even a morsel of chocolate to your dog.

Tea and Coffee

Tea and coffee has similar effects on dogs as it does with humans – it affects our metabolism. But while these beverages make us fresh and active, they make your dog restless and hyperactive. Too much tea or coffee can cause seizures, vomiting, hypothermia and even death! What’s worse is, prolonged intake of these beverages can cause irreversible damages to your dog. Tea and coffee have a detrimental affect on cats as well. So, remember, they should never find its way into their mouth.

Also keep in mind the size of your dog. If a large dog accidentally ingests a small amount of tea or coffee, it will cause them no harm, while for smaller dogs, the came amount can poison them. This is not beverage that you would want to share with your pet – ever!

How to choose healthy dog food

Choosing well balanced dog food can be tricky especially when there are so many varieties out there. This is why you should pay close attention to your dog’s appearance and overall behavior. Are they happy? Is their coat shiny? And what about their teeth? Do they have a set of pearly whites or are they nasty yellow? All these questions are crucial for your pet’s overall health. If you see a sudden change in their behavior or their health, you should consider re-evaluating what you fed them recently.

Keeping them away from the above mentioned food items is a responsibility dog owners share. Make sure to share this information with family members and friends who own dogs. Educate your kids about the importance of not sharing certain food items with their canine buddy and lastly, keep these food items far and away from your dog’s reach.

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About Dheepakh

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