5 Myths Of Grain Free Dog Food. Busted!

5 Myths Of Grain Free Dog Food. Busted!

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The study on dog food formulas has been a recent endeavour. Veterinarians and nutrition experts are only recently finding out the flaws of a grain-based diet for dogs. However, there are also alternate studies that de-value grain free diets. As a result we, as pet parents and guardians of our pet’s well being, are left thoroughly confused. Grain free or not to grain free, that is the question!

In this article we will discuss some common myths associated with grain free dog food that are far from the truth as you can imagine.

Myth 1: Grain Free Dog Food Has No Carbohydrates And Essential Fibers

People often confuse grain free diets with 100% meat diets. Most pet owners who have made the change understand that dogs do need carbohydrates for a healthy wholesome diet. Their ancestors not only hunted (plant eaters) and ate fresh meat but also consumed the undigested contents in the prey’s stomach. They also had scanty amounts of grass, fruits and vegetables in their diet. This is why most high-quality grain free formulas contain carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables along with meat. They provide essential fibers to their diet without adding unnecessary grains in them.

Myth 2: Grain Free Formulas Have Too Much Proteins

Having a higher meat content is not the same as having more protein. There is approximately 25% protein in lamb and 31% protein in chicken. Some parts of the meat have more protein than others and the percentage reduces after a short time on the stove. Most grain free formulas add necessary vegetables to balance the protein contents in their formula and this is why it does not exceed the protein requirements for dogs.

Myth 3: Dog’s Have Moved Away From Their Ancestors And Therefore Can’t Absorb A Grain Free Diet

Yes, dogs have indeed moved away from their ancestors. They look a lot different and have a calmer dependant demeanour. But one thing that remains unchanged is their GI tract and their dental structure. This suggests that though we have tamed them, changed the way they think and interact with the world around them, we have had less impact on their taste for food. How many of your dogs instinctively perk up at the sight of meat? How many of you have picky eaters who turn their noses at everything but the moment you give meat they wipe their plate clean? It doesn’t matter how big they are or how small, or which breed they belong to, they naturally gravitate towards meat.

If you look at their teeth, you will notice that evolution has not even touched it. It largely resembles a wolf’s pearly whites. This is just one of the many hints that nature has left behind for us to know that a dog’s dietary requirements are not very different from that of an ancestral wolf. They only difference is that they have learned how to survive with grains, but surviving is not the same as thriving.

Myth 4: Grain Free Diets Can Lead To Heart Disease And Kidney Failure

It is true that in the recent years, a few dogs have been diagnosed with heart disease and kidney failure. Doctors have suspected a grain free formula to be the cause for this ailment. However, we are yet to have any concrete evidence that proves that a grain free diet caused this ailment. In fact, many argue that more than the grain free diet, it is the poor-quality dog food that may have caused it. Just like any other dog food brands, grain free dog food also has a premium and poor variants. We have an article on How to Choose High Quality Grain Free Dog Food. We suggest you have a look at it so that you can make the right choices.

Myth 5: Grain Free Formulas Are Too Expensive And Would Make A Hole In My Pocket

Many brands tend to overprice their products to outline its superiority above others. However, this unjust behaviour runs around all formulas (both grain free and grain based) and brands across the world and is certainly not done by premium brands that care for your pet’s well-being. There are a few grain free formulas that are higher priced than grain-based ones but only because it doesn’t reduce its costs with filler grains. On the other side, since they are not packed with fillers, a lesser amount of grain free dog food would be as effective or more effective for your dog. A smaller portion of grain free dog food formulas would fill them up and give them the necessary number of calories to keep them going through the day. So, even if you spend a little more on grain free dog food, it tends to last longer and gives your dog a longer fruitful life.

With our lives improving drastically, so is the lives of our pets. Around a hundred years ago, it was ‘okay’ to feed them table scraps. Now with years of research we have learned that dogs also need quality dog food to live a long and happy life. Grain free dog food is here to do just that. And trust us, it is here to stay!

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About Dheepakh

Dheepakh is a dedicated pet parent. His love for his dogs turned him into a pet food enthusiast. He has dedicated all his life to understand pet food nutrition and is eager to learn everyday.

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