10 Best Pet-Friendly Resorts In India

10 Best Pet-Friendly Resorts In India

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So, it’s the winter vacations, holiday season, as many would call it, and there are many fun places to visit but if you have a pet, your options are limited. Most places don’t allow pets so we end up leaving them behind in a hostel or someone else’s home while we’re away.

It’s not easy to enjoy with your pets at home, sad and waiting for your return. So, let’s have a look at some beautiful destination spots made especially for pet parents in India!

We have rated these destinations on the basis of their friendliness towards pets and not towards the location itself. So, let’s have a look at the 10 best pet-friendly resorts in India and plan ahead for our next vacation.

10. The Four Seasons, Mumbai

If you want to visit Mumbai, The Four Seasons may be the best hotel to stop at. This hotel is near many iconic places in Mumbai like the Haji Ali Dargah, The Hanging Gardens, Prince of Wales Museum, Nehru Planetarium, Versova Beach, Juhu Beach, ISKCON Temple, Gateway of India, etc.

The best thing is, you can bring your pets along. They do have a few rules with regard to pets. Pets must be 7 kilos or below and house trained, they also can’t be left alone in the room. You must take full responsibility for your pet which means that one person must be with your pet at all times. 

This is why we have rated the Four Seasons on the tenth spot. It may seem a little strict, but, if you can follow the above rules, the Four Seasons is perfect for you and your pet. They provide your pets with a separate bed and dog food/treats. Isn’t that amazing?

9. Deer Park Villa, Delhi

Here’s another pet-friendly resort in the heart of Delhi. It’s situated in south Delhi and is close to places like Safdarjang, Hous Khas village and of course, the Deer Park.

deer park villa
Source: Deer Park Villa, Delhi

Though they don’t have any pets of their own, the Deer Park is just a walk away. So, you can take a walk with your pet and catch a glimpse of grazing deers.

Pets require special permission in the resort. But if you have a friendly pet, they are more than happy to have them over.

8. Foothills Camp, Pushkar, Rajasthan

Now here’s a place that makes Indian summers look good. The Foothills Camp in Pushkar, Rajasthan lets you bask under the deep blue sky with your four-legged furry buddies. It’s a wonderful place for wedding ceremonies or just for a fun time out.

You do require permission from the owners to bring your pets along. However, the owners of this resort have pets of their own so they understand what it means to include your pets in every occasion.

7. Manas Resort, Igatpuri

Bright blue skies, tolerable winters, and a deep blue swimming pool. This is a resort we can all enjoy! The Manas Resort is friendly towards pets so you can bring your furry buddies along to have a good time.

They have their own petting zoo with exotic birds and other animals. They are friendly with their guest and you can take your pet along with you to greet the other animals there. The staff is friendly with pets which is why you are bound to have a great time with them.

6. Vivanta by Taj – Kavalam, Kerala

If you are looking for holistic healing, here’s a place for you. Vivanta by Taj is in the heart of Kavalam, Kerala. It offers you with many relaxing endeavours. You can have a relaxing massage at Jiva Spa, dine at Bait, a seaside restaurant, or enjoy a few cocktails in Neera Bar.

The best thing is, you get to do all this and have your pet by your side! Vivanta is known to have a pet-friendly staff who love and respect their pet guests just like they would respect any other human customer.

5. Himachal Heritage Village, Himachal

The Himachal Heritage Village was opened to customers from 2015. It’s a beautiful village with different accommodations that depict the Himalayan way of life to all their visitors. Their staff members are kind and welcoming to both humans and pets.

There are many fun activities that you can partake in along with your pets. If you and your furry buddy love the winter, you will enjoy this picturesque Himachal Heritage Village. It’s fun, it’s educational and it definitely throws some light on the Himachal lifestyle.

4. Greenex Farms, Wayanad, Kerala

Now here is another beautiful resort in the south. Green and peaceful, this Greenex Farms is known for all the beautiful birds that visit the place. If you are a good swimmer, you can take a dip in the pond but don’t feel sad if you can’t swim, there are many other fun activities that you can take part in.

Greenex Farms
Source: Greenex Farms Kerala

It’s a small resort that can accommodate 12 guests at a time. Since they have a friendly staff who welcome your pets inside, you can enjoy the resort with your furry buddy and have your own privacy.

3. French Haveli, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

If you want to experience the traditional Gujarati life, you must visit the French Haveli in Ahmedabad Gujarat. A funny name for a traditional Gujarati heritage home but the heritage home is a must-visit destination.

It is a pet-friendly resort where your pets are allowed inside to enjoy the stay by your side. You can make several culinary tours and visit iconic places like the Gandhi Ashram, the Calico Museum of Textiles etc.

If you just want to stay back and enjoy with your pet, you can do just that. They provide home-cooked meals to give you a homely feel. If not anything, you can definitely bask under the sun and enjoy the view.

2. Destiny Farm Resort, Ooty

Do you want to unwind with your pet? Consider visiting Destiny Farm Resort in Ooty. They welcome you and your pets into this lovely land with beautiful living facilities and a breathtaking view.

This trip to Ooty will definitely bring you close to nature. It lies between two valleys and a pristine lake. The best part about this resort is that they have a beautiful farm with horses and rabbits and other friendly farm animals that your kids and pets would love to interact with.

Destiny farm resort
Source: Destiny Farm Resort, Ooty

In Destiny Farm resort, animals are not just allowed here, they are welcome! So bring your pets here and have a blast!

1. Emerald Trail, Bhimtal

Here is another cold resort in India. The Emerald Trail resort gives you the perfect view of the snow-capped mountains. But not only that, it is another place that welcomes your pets. They have a web-page dedicate to discuss their pet-friendly nature.

Emerald trail ooty
Source: Emerald Trail, Bhimtal

They have a lot of free space where you and your pet can stroll in. You can also take your pet to the nearby village where the locals are kind towards their two-legged and four-legged friend. If at all you want to leave your pet behind and if they have a friendly demeanour towards strangers, their staff will be very happy to pet sit for you while you are away.

So, here’s our list for the best Pet-friendly destinations in India. We really hope you get the chance to explore them. We wish you a safe and enjoyable journey with your pet!

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